Where do I get Holy Water?

That’s about it! Can I just take it from my home parish? From the baptismal font? We don’t have a spigot at our church. Can I use a clean Mason jar marked “Holy Water?”

A mason jar sounds a little large (but thats up to you :D). Almost any clean, conveniently-sized bottle with a tight-sealing lid would be fine. You may label if you want, but you don’t have to. I would suggest asking at the parish office about how to acquire holy water.

Ask your priest to bless water for you. :slight_smile:

I asked the priest in my parish to bless some water from me and he took a plastic container with 2 litres and blessed it.:slight_smile:

My priest does this too. :stuck_out_tongue: I use alot of holy water.

Holy Water should contain a little salt to stabilize it.

Any priest or deacon can bless it. At our parish the holy water font is the size of a bathtub (!) so you can help yourself to a gallon or more if you like. I keep my jarful in the refridgerator so mold doesn’t start growing. It’s happened!

I was wondering one thing about the holy water.

Lets say the priest bless the water but doesnt add any salt, is it possible for a person to add salt by himself or will it be an abuse?

I too have wondered about this. I really don’t know, but it is probably OK, as long as you don’t think you are performing a priestly blessing (assuming you are not a priest!).

I prefer to obtain water blessed according to the EF, but sometimes wonder if there is anything wrong with having a “preference” for that. The thinking behind it, from my point of view, is there is an explicit exorcism performed in the older form of the ritual, and not in (most of) the new ones.

I would say nothing wrong with that preference. My OF confessor prefers and uses the 1962 Rituale Romanum formulation. He is an exorcist in the diocese where he is incardinated and I trust his judgement.


That should not be done.

Just because one person does not “like” the particular way that a priest did a blessing, does not give a license to “improve” upon it. If one would like for the priest to add the salt as part of the blessing ritual, or would prefer that the priest use the more solemn ritual that includes the salt, by all means make the request.

The subject here is Holy Water and adding salt to it is hardly a liturgical abuse as such, but the principle behind doing so is a very dangerous one. When a priest uses the formula for blessing approved by the Church, we should not be questioning the Church’s decision to approve a new ritual. That’s a very dangerous mindset to adopt.

Well, besides acquiring holy water in the parish, you can bring your bottled water or any decent container with clean water to a priest and ask to bless the water to make it holy water. You have to state the purposes of the water as well.

I was wondering one thing about the holy water.

Lets say the priest bless the water but doesnt add any salt, is it possible for a person to add salt by himself or will it be an abuse?

If the priest uses holy water to bless your water, then I believe the holy water used by the priest already has salt. In my personal experience in the sacristy, the priest blesses the salt first before placing this to the jar of water, with their own respective prayers.

There’s also a personal experience of mine when the water was blessed without salt or even without holy water. The link is here: forums.catholic-questions.org/showthread.php?t=648211&page=2

the holy water which you can buy online these days is same as the ones you get it from your local church?

just trying to learn a little bit more about the holywater. i know it heals physical and mental wounds.

Holy Water does NOT require salt. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

You can simply take tap water from your home and ask the priest to bless it.

Look at this website - Holy water within a cross statue

Bless you!