Where to buy candles for the Three Days of Darkness?

They must be 51% beeswax, correct? I would prefer to buy from a Catholic source.

Try this site:


Ok rewind…what…three days of darkness? When? What? How?!! :eek:

I second this l. I have not heard of the 3 days of darkness. Would you please explain?

It has been mentioned by some mystics.

Three days of Darkness. No light will work. Blessed candles only.

You step outside, you are dead.

Does that sound like God to you? A 3 year old opens the door and steps outside he’s fried. Animals OK, though. :rolleyes:

With all due respect, I just don’t believe it.

NB: a three days of darkness without all the voodoo, I have no problem with. Three days with no light; each person sees the fullness of their own sinfulness; a permanent sign left.
That is believable. The idea of God allowing someone who is a good Catholic and who is innocent and knows nothing about all the bells and whistles to die because they didn’t cross the t’s (no pun intended) or dot the i’s is absolutely not believable.

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Google is your friend (some of the time anyway).
I’ve only glanced over this page but it seems to cover the basic idea.

I tried google & got a lot of different explanations but this one above sums it up.

Doesn’t sound like a thing God would do…

Here’s the link on wikipedia. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Days_of_Darkness


How are people supposed to light these blessed candles if only their light will work?

Sounds like a Catholic version of the rapture. I’ve noticed that people who believe and talk about the rapture seem to get excited about it. I guess Catholics want to have something exciting too. :rolleyes:

Maybe light them before the darkness is total? Like when you see a giant cross in the sky? :slight_smile:


I’m with you. (About the whole thing.)


Its good to try and realize that the three days of darkness prophecy specifics could be metaphor. A blessed candle just might mean a heart that is a light with the light of God, not actual specific candles that you need to purchase. I think it was said it needed to be 100% beeswax, if I remember… This also could mean a pure heart for God- 100%.- as all the candles on the altar need to be 100% beeswax to be used. (Well, at least before Vatican II, it was in the rubrics I think.)

What I’m trying to say is the prophecy could be read in a manner that is a lot more simpler, just as Jesus used parables/metaphor to help the hearer understand. Also, Holy Scripture retorts us not to despise prophecy-1 Thessalonians 5:20 . From what i’ve learned, that means what has been revealed to us in Scripture, but it also can mean that which other Christians have to say or warn or teach. We should take that into consideration before dismissing anything.

If I do remember correctly, the woman who gave this prophecy is declared Blessed by the Holy See. Also, there are many others who didn’t know each other at all, but declared the same thing as something that will happen.


And if it accidentally goes out once the darkness comes, then what?

Where is this 3 days of darkness coming from all of a sudden?

Knowing my luck I’ll gormlessly wander outside and see frightful ghoulish sights…and that’s just the neighbours :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I guess you’ll be sitting in the dark. Maybe blessed candles are protected from going out–seems reasonable enough.

I hadn’t heard of 3 days until recently. After looking it up, I’ve decided that it’s possible–at least in some form. I don’t believe the really wild claims/complicated protection measures.

If I ever see a giant cross blazing in the sky, I am definitely closing doors, pulling curtains and then likely dying of a heart attack while clutching a crucifix! :slight_smile:

I would think that seeing something that beautiful would make you just stay where you were, staring in awe.:slight_smile:

Except, from what I remember reading, the cross–or some sign in the sky–is a signal to duck and cover!