Which of popular Christian musicians are Catholic?

We’ve really got into Christian music lately. Which of the popular artists on the radio are Catholic? I’m talking strictly about generally popular musicians, not ones who play only for Catholic audiences, but ones that are popular on Christian radio and liked by all Christians.

Well, Chris Tomlin is. He’s the #1 Christian musician. So that’s pretty as much as you could ask for:D. Check out his songs like “Transubstantiation” and “How Great is our God” on iTunes. He’s great.

Wow I had no idea that he was Catholic. I truly get answers from this forum :slight_smile:


Pretty much says he’s not Catholic - “In May 2008, it was announced that Tomlin and his band would be leaving the church he helped plant with senior pastor Matt Carter in Austin, Texas; The Austin Stone Community Church. He’d be leaving in order to start a new church with Passion Conferences speaker, Louie Giglio in Atlanta, Georgia.[9][10]”

Don’t believe that everything you read on this forum is always true…

I was wondering about him because of his lyrics. I love that song “How Great is our God”!:thumbsup:

Umm, being as he his helping to start a church, that is most definitely not Catholic, I’m pretty sure he isn’t Catholic. He does do a lot of good songs that are compatible with Catholic theology though.

Another three are Rachell Lampa, Rebecca St. James, and then Jaci Velasquez.

I did find one reference to Rachael Lampa being Catholic. I’m pretty sure that neither Rebecca St. James nor Jaci Velasquez, however, are Catholic. Rebecca’s website mentions finding a “Bible believing church” and asking Jesus into your life, things not generally associated with Catholics. And this article about Jaci says "Velasquez, whose mother was raised Catholic, describes herself as “nondenominational.” " So while she might possibly be technically Catholic, she most definitely doesn’t claim it.

Matt Maher is probably the most famous Catholic Christian artist.

Why aren’t there more Catholic musicians who are generally popular?:confused:

Perhaps because most “pop” Christian musicians, Contemporary/Urban Gospel, Southern Gospel and CCM were able to find their voice in their home church without being told that their music and/or instruments was inappropriate for a Sunday service. Most have been active praise and worship leaders before we became aware of them through a recording or television appearence. The exception would be Seventh Day Adventist musicians who generally don’t play “popular music” in their home church, however many do hire out on Sundays to churches of other denominations.

Unfortunately most likely true. I’ve seen a lot of that attitude here at these boards. I’m sick of it. I’m also seeing the Church step backwards, away from freer expression in church. I don’t see the Church moving much in the spirit or giving the Holy Spirit much wiggle room.

Bob Hurd is Catholic. He is with the Oregon Catholic Press. Maybe their musicians are Catholic?

Oh, sorry. I had heard from a brother who is a friend of mines that he was. He probably didn’t know Chris Tomlin well.

I recall seeing something about Gwen Stefani’s son being baptized a while back. It piqued my interest at the time, so I looked up the church and sure enough, it was Catholic.

I think in the States there is a stigma against being Catholic and songs of praise, not from the Church or Catholic community but from the music industry. Just my random thoughts whenever I go to music stores such as Virgin music and see how the cd/dvd’s or organized.

Maybe in the music section at a Christian book store. But Virgin, Target, Walmart nor Amazon are going to put music in the spiritual, Christian or religious section, what ever name they give it, to a doctrinal or theological test

A good part of it is good ole fashioned anti-catholic bigotry. Not so many years ago, evangelical folk musician Michael Card got a LOT of heated criticism from industry insiders for doing joint album projects with “papist” John Michael Talbot.

Michael Card is possibly the deepest, most profund singer/songwriter they have and if HE got guff for associating with the “whore of Babylon” imagine how record labels and promotors treat young struggling catholic singers.

The Thirsting and Stephen Curtis are Catholic artists.

I think Matt Maher is catholic.
I am looking for more catholic singers as well.