White House Budget Chief Is Leaving

WASHINGTON — Peter R. Orszag will leave his job as the White House budget director in July, according to someone familiar with his plans, making him perhaps the first official to leave the Obama cabinet and removing a major player from President Obama’s economic team.


The toupée will serve as acting Budget Director until the vacancy is filled…

That was a bit uncharitable of me. Making fun of the habitual use of a teleprompter is one thing, but joking about someone’s hair goes too far. My apologies.

Hmmm…he wants less spending, and is getting married in September. Seems to me like a good time to leave.:yup:

By the way, if you want to make fun of people’s hairdos, make fun of mine. I am age 65, and have a large bald spot, which has not grown a bit since a certain surgery 9 years ago. I like to tell people I have wavy hair…it’s waving goodby:rolleyes: