Who is Lilith?

I’m just highly confused… Someone said that she is mentioned in the Bible, but I do not know where. And she was Adam’s original wife? I just don’t really understand, so I’d appreciate it if someone could explain “Lilith” to me.

DISCLAIMER: Sorry if anything I just said is very ignorant and rude. I’m still pretty new at this.

Some of the old stories say first wife of Adam yes. Jewish teachings more modernly say her and Adam had an affair during Adam and Eve’s 120 year estrangement. But this is ancient Hebrew teachings. Much from artifacts and such. Ancient stories being rediscovered. She’s also be called queen of the she demons too. Unless you know much about Judaism and ancient Israel your not going to come across it in modern Genesis stories. She was around during the times when the serpent had legs. And it was “divine Wisdom” or an attempt at it that tempted them in the Garden so much. Serpent meant Wisdom. We may never know the truth entirely of all they believed way back then.



You won’t find Lilith anywhere in the Bible. Her story and all the occult things associated with it are inventions of superstitious Mediaeval peasants that found a revival in the modern New Age movement.

Whoever told you that is dead wrong. It’s not mentioned anywhere in the Bible no matter what religious denomination. It just comes from some Babylonian myth from a long time ago. Possibly merged with the idea of Adam and Eve after the Babylonian Captivity? Who knows!

Long story short, it’s total nonsense and you shouldn’t pay it any mind. There’s no tradition for it in either Jewish or Christian faiths.

Wikipedia says that Lilith is a female demon. She was also Dr Crane’s ex-wife on Frasier.

I seen wikipedia make a lot of mistakes though. And your supposed to say “lil” not the entire name. That Jewish belief comes from the Egyptian slavery days. Saying the entire word can be negative. But I wouldn’t expect anything to jump out and get you though so I wouldn’t worry about it. I have more faith in God than that. I just don’t give Satan that much power myself.

What’s your background in Judaism?

“Goat demons shall greet each other; there too the lilith will repose.”

Isaiah 34:14

In our modern Genesis she is not mentioned.

What is taught that the old Rabbis taught is mainly from Zohar. She was not created with the breathe of God like Adam was. She breathed from a “mist” from the ground that was evil. She was rebellious and wanted to take the dominant position in relations with Adam. She fled rather than be subject to him. God sent three angels to bring her back. She is also in the “Babylonian Talmud”. It’s from the Babylonian captivity period. Hebrew mythology has been greatly influenced by the surrounding nations mythos. But there are also a lot of similarities.
HTH some.

Lilith isn’t in the Bible.

Just ignore it.

Thank you all–I see the big picture now, thank you. :slight_smile:

From what I understand, Lilith’s story is recounted in the Torah. She wasn’t made from any of Adam’s parts and was thrown out of the Garden of Eden when she wanted to be on top during sex.

She is the mother of monsters and kills human children with her smile.

When I read about her I was reminded of modern debates over abortion where feminists and other women in favor of abortion always like to try to win arguments with calls to their maternal instinct.

Is it possible the abortion debate predates Christ?

The rabbis may have spoken about Lilith, but she’s nowhere to be found in either the Hebrew or various Christian Bibles.


That part about the dominate position is questionable. Feminists like to use her because of her strong rebellious will against God and Man. Mists from the ground and evil spirits was her breath of life. Abortion debates have always been around as long as there are people to debate it. Only when it has been totally accepted or rejected does it not get much steam. She was also blamed for diptheria in children. There’s also a story about her being the serpent in the garden. You will have to look pretty hard to separate this stuff that has gotten into our modern society from what the Zohar and other Jewish teachings said.

Lilith is also another word for “screech owl”. That’s what it means there.

I’d severely caution you against getting into this stuff; Lilith is an occult, New Age figure.

Sounds like a good thing to look into then. I’ll bring back truth.

Lilly White Lilith? Ah, the 70’s

Songwriters: Banks, Anthony / Collins, Phil / Gabriel, Peter / Rutherford, Michael / Hackett, Steve

The chamber was in confusion - all the voices shouting loud.
I could only just hear, a voice quite near say, “Please help me through the crowd:”
I said if I helped her thru’ she could help me too, but I could see that she wholly blind.
But from her pale face and her pale skin, a moonlight shined.

Lilywhite Lilith,
She gonna take you thru’ the tunnel of night
Lilywhite Lilith,
She gonna lead you right.

When I’d led her through the people, the angry noise began to grow.
She said, “Let me feel the way the breezes blow, and I’ll show you where to go.”
So I followed her into a big round cave, she said, “They’re coming for you, now don’t be afraid.”
Then she sat me down on a cold stone throne, carved in jade.

Lilywhite Lilith,
She gonna take you thru’ the tunnel of night
Lilywhite Lilith,
She gonna lead you right.

She leaves me in my darkness,
I have to face, face my fear,
And the darkness closes in on me,
I can hear a whirring sound growing near.
I can see the corner of the tunnel,
Lit up by whatever’s coming here.
Two golden globes float into the room
And a blaze of white light fills the air.

Lilith, a temptress in both Kabbalism and related forms of Christian Gnosticism, ultimately leading her followers unto death.

some would say one and the same.:stuck_out_tongue:

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I believe “Lilith” means “The Bad Wife”.