Who is the saint for finding a good spouse?

Who is the Patron Saint of finding a good spouse?

My dear sister is wondering.

For women, I recommended St. Joseph!

Worked for me! :smiley:

St. Katherine of Alexandria (Feast Nov. 25) (especially for women seeking husbands)

St. Joseph (Feast March 19)

St. Raphael (Angel who led Tobit to his wife)

St. Theres of Lisieux (whose spouse was Christ, but is a great help to those seeking earthly counterparts).

St. Raphael
St. Anne

Our Holy Mother I’m sure would be more than happy to help! She helped my husband and me find each other!

Plus, St. Anthony is good at finding ANYTHING! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there is an old tradition of unmarried girls praying to Saint Agnes on the eve of her feast day for a dream of their future husband. Keats wrote a poem about it, but I am fuzzy on the details.

St. Raphael is the patron saint of ‘good encounters’. His intercession helped me find my (soon-to-be) spouse!

St. Nicholas is also the patron saint of marriageable women because there is a story (I’m not quite sure of the status of the ‘story’) that he left the necessary dowry for 3 sisters before they turned to a sinful way of getting the money they needed to live.

The other suggestions here are great!

St. (Padre) Pio because he makes everything go smoothly and with elegance.

Nothing beats the “St. Anne, bring me a man” novena.

You are too funny! Love your sense of humor! :smiley:

oh…I hope so…just finished the annual st. anne novena…been praying for a long long time…got my flowers from st. theresa on the “yes” part of it, but I haven’t met him yet…I do truly believe that the Blessed Mother and St. Anne have protected me from a few very bad situations with guys though…really…just hope that the right one comes along soon…thanks for the answers in this forum, everyone!!:thumbsup:

I should be happy, could I have a Catholic good husband, but I cannot find a good Catholic man loves me also I love him , also he can be my husband.

-I know that I did not really looking for, and also now I feel good to live a life like a little girl no matter what…,a pure life, I once thought later maybe I make or not make a oath boldly like a nun? but then I asked Holy Mother, and then I see another picture, and once I dreamed I had a beloved, and he appeared in my dreams many times, but I can not see his face clearly, do you think my dreams can come true? please do pray for me! And I want live a life that Holy Mother want me live, no matter what it is, and I love all Holy Angels, most is St Raphael,

Great question.

wow…No word of lie…I had a number of dreams about myself marrying a man a while ago too…I could not see his face either…I was praying very hard and that happened…I also got my flowers from st. Theresa on several occasions (the exact type of flowers that I prayed for at the time), but it’s been a little while now since all of that and the flowers…I also was painting a life size statue of our Lady of lourdes in my church a few years ago…praying to her as I was painting and this thought came over me after I kissed her on the cheek “my son has someone wonderful in store for you” …that same thought came over me when I was up in the church praying next to her statue and the altar one saturday…a few times I’d be praying and a funny thought of “why don’t you believe me?” came over me…then I’d feel bad, but it just seems like such a long wait…I am very serious when I tell you that…but, I’m already in my 30’s and keep wondering…I wonder if I’m going to be old when it happens… really want at least one child too…roselily, you pray for me to meet my man soon and I will pray for you for the same thing…deal?..I’m so glad that you posted that, because now I know that I wasn’t having a nervous breakdown or anything…there has to be good ones in store for the both of us, girl!!!


I believe you are both given your signs that you know your true path. You are meant to have families and be good wives with loving husbands. I pray the same thing for myself. I am in a relationship/have a boyfriend but have accepted that it is not meant to be (6yrs later). I struggle with trying to be good and judging him for “making poor decisions…often”. I realize now that we are meant for other people and that I had a role in this time that I wasted… I pray every night to find a way to correct it and have us lead wonderful lives apart but the problem is that we are financially dependent on each other right now until our other home is sold. I don’t know what to do and I feel like I am at a crossroads. I KNOW that Mary calms my anxiety because she knows that God is always with me and has great plans for me. I have to have faith and get out of this situation. Please pray for me as I will for you both. God bless… Wherever you go, God is already there.

Personally, I’ve been praying to St. Jude of the Hopeless Cases. :slight_smile:

…Though probably more often to Our Lady. Don’t ask why.

Then there’s also St. Joseph (for the ladies especially), St. Anne (same), St. Valentine (those in love rather), St. Raphael (those seeking). I suppose St. Gianna Molla would be fitting for a modern woman. Could also go through the endless list of canonised queens and ladies of the middle ages.

Then there are patron saints. One of mine was a big shot conqueror and I might consider asking him to help me get some nice spoils along the trail of ashes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love this.

I think the whole poem goes like this:

“Anne, Anne, send me a man.
If he’s not true, send me two.”

Quick story:

My son recently married. His bride says she prayed to St. Joseph to help her find a suitable husband. She’s very religious, and says she prayed to him a lot. On a whim, she decided to attend a St. Patrick’s Day party several states away, because a school friend invited her. Because that party was being put on by some of my son’s school friends, he went (he also lived several states away…in the opposite direction) My son and the young lady hit it off immediately. She learned somewhat later that his middle name is “Joseph”. Now, that might seem only coincidental, but you’ll never convince her that it was only coincidence.

So, St Joseph or St. Patrick? I’m a little unsure, but she believes St. Joseph.

One of the funnier stories (possibly an urban legend) has to do with a woman who kept a St. Anne or St. Anthony statue. One day, in frustration, she said, “Much good you’re doing me!” and tossed it out her apartment window. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang - when she answered, there was a young man holding her St. Anne statue. He said, “I think this is yours - you threw it out the window and it hit me on the head”. They ended up getting married.

(Disclaimer: I am NOT encouraging people to throw statues at other people!).