Why do tears run down a dead person's eyes at the moment of death?

I’ve heard stories from people who will sit by their dying family member at a hospital bed and when they dying person breathed their last breath and passed away the corpse had tears running down it’s face.

Both my grandmas died like this

Is this a religious experience or is this purely physiological?

When my sister passed from cancer at home there were no tears visible in her eyes or on her cheeks. I know because I was there as her hospice care-giver right after her last breaths. There were other signs, but they weren’t miraculous - just natural occurrences when one expires.


There is no significance in this other than perhaps a physical release such as often also happens to the bowel and bladder at the time of death.

Maybe just a result of pressure in one’s head when the circulation stops ( same reason why some people’s eyes bulge in death).

Not supernatural at all; if it were, Scripture would mention something about weeping in death. It does not.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA

It’d be cool if it was a religious experience. :thumbsup:

Maybe it is?

Maybe it isn’t.

What would make you cry the moment you die?

Being sent to hell? Yes.

Seeing Jesus with His arms open? Yes.

I guess we won’t know.

Yes, extreme joy and sadness would make one cry. Some people may even cry when they die because they leave their loved ones behind.