Working During Adoration . .

Hello all,

I’m new here and I have a bit of a dilemma so I’m hoping I can get some sound advice preferably from a priest or someone very well catechised, although all are welcome as I appreciate all feedback.

I often find peace and calm in church and Adoration that I don’t find elsewhere in life as I have a general anxiety disorder. The disorder also makes it hard to get ANY work done out of fear and worry (it’s something I’m working on with my Catholic therapist), and the work I’m called to do is evangelize through my testimony by doing public speaking (I’m a paralyzed man, hence the username) So here’s my question:

I would never do this in an Adoration chapel, but would it or could it be okay to work while putting on perpetual Eucharist Adoration on YouTube while I work on my talk?

I feel like it would help me keep God in mind and would be less likely to trigger my anxiety and flight mechanism so I can finally get out and do God’s will in my life. I just worry that it would be irreverent to our Lord and I want to always be obedient and appropriate while Adoration is taking place, even if it’s on the TV. After all it’s still the Lord.

So what do you all think? Would it be inappropriate or no? Am I being overly scrupulous?


Here’s another site:

I see no problem with doing so. Hagiography usually puts the crucifix before a saint known for their writings.

I’ve even suggested opening the aforementioned link in the (unknowing) presence of Autistic Children. One of them became very still when that happened. (Sorry for hijacking the thread)!


I can’t see an issue with it. Eucharistic Adoration, even done virtually online, is a private devotion, and as long as your activities aren’t contrary to the spirit of adoration, it seems as though it would be up to you.

Being immune suppressed and unable to attend mass, I have been keeping EWTN Poland adoration on my primary YouTube channel for some time now. The Lord knows our hearts and what we are made of, our limitations. The more time you spend focusing on Christ, even at virtual adoration, the better.

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