World Marriage Day, Vow Renewal?

Our priest told us today that next Sunday February 10, 2019, is World Marriage Day. He said he would be giving all married couples a blessing and an opportunity for a vow renewal. I had heard Catholics cannot do these vow renewals. What should we do?

From what source? “hearing” something and using it as the basis to dispute an action of your pastor isin’t the greatest course of action…

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I don’t have a source at the ready. But rest assured, I wasn’t planning on confronting our priest regardless of the answer.

I’m talking to our pastor tomorrow or Tuesday about a similar blessing for the upcoming weekend. I’m not sure at this point what he wants to be done. I pulled a couple of articles for my info. I’d be interested in what your priest says.

God bless all married Catholics!!! :tada:

The church I just attended today is having this for Valentine’s Day at Mass. I also saw a “vow renewal” service run for Catholic pilgrim couples at the church in Cana, which does these all day and is run by a religious order who will also provide you, for a fee, with a certificate showing you did this at Cana. I would note that although it was called “renewing your wedding vows”, I can’t remember if the couples actually went through the vows again (I don’t think they did but it’s been a while) or just got some kind of a blessing and made some responses that didn’t really sound like “I do’s”.

Fr. Grondin, a CA apologist, has addressed this. My guess is that your dioceses may permit this and I’m guessing the diocese here permits it too.

I have seen it done several times in the Catholic Church. Once when we were on a pilgrimage in Cana, Holy land and then done in the parishes. Often on the couples wedding day or if one of the readings in about marriage then there have been several couples. It is usually during the evening Mass and people wear their normal “everyday” clothes. I can’t remember exactly what the couple said to each other.

Thank you for your replies, and the link the answer from the priest was what I was thinking when I heard about vow renewal.

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This is an old article.

I am home so I don’t have access to the books, however, in either the Ordo or the Book of Blessings, the most recent edition DOES have a renewal of marriage vows.


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