Is it man’s fault that he is not worthy without Christ? If a man be worthy in Christ because of Christ, then how is it the man’s fault to not be worthy without Christ?

As Dirty Harry said, “A man has got to know his limitations.” We are all unworthy.

Well, God did not hold faithful Jews of the OT as “guilty without Christ”, though they did go to the “bosom of Abraham” rather than heaven, till after the resurrection. But now we know about Jesus and have the freedom to choose Him. God is just.

Thinking more of this, I’m not sure I understand your question: what does “not worthy” mean? And what does “worthy in Christ” mean?

There are two houses, and inside of each is a man dying of thirst. Christ comes to the first house and knocks on the door, saying “Open, I have water and I will give you drink!” The first man opens the door and drinks, and his life is saved.

At the second house, Christ knocks on the door, saying “Open, I have water and I will give you drink!” But the second man, for whatever his reasons (fear, doubt, etc) refuses to open the door and shortly thereafter expires.

If the first man is not thirsty because Christ gave Him to drink, how is it the second man’s fault to have died of thirst without Christ? Easy: the second man never opened the door…


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Consider, we are all sinners worthy of death. But what is worthy of Life but Life? Jesus being the Truth the Way the Life is worthy to live for He is Life, that though suffering the sins of the world is not worthy of death for He lives. Therefore that which is of Life is worthy to live. That which is of God is worthy of God, that which is not of God, is not.

Worthiness in itself (seems to me) is what is valued in judgement. This is worth that much, that is worth this much, that is worth working for, that might not be worth the trouble. So on and so forth. But what if it’s the Truth, what is the Truth worth?

Consider; that which is of God is Life, worthy of Life. Therefore the requirements to be born of that which is of God that we may have Life, Life everlasting. But again this is of God. Hence His worth that Redeems us. You know, Lord I am not worthy to receive you but only say the word and I shall be healed.

In this, is also what is considered “perfect” but perfect has many meanings in today’s world. Usually in accordance to one’s own judgement of what is perfect. But perfect in it’s original meaning in English is to be made, fulfilled, completed. And no man is made, fulfilled, completed with out Christ, the Word of God. For Christ Jesus is the Word of God fulfilled in the Son of Man, made, fulfilled, completed because of the Fulfillment of God’s Word to the Father’s satisfaction in the Son of Man. Hence death could not hold Him. So what is worthy of God before God in the Presence of God, is of God. Not anything of ourselves. And yes to submit to receive, of God, recognizing it’s worth as in mention by ( Promethius, thanks for the reply) the example of the Knocking at the door one responded to the worth of God’s Presence with Him (valued) and the other in his heart judges for himself that it was not worth more that what he had for himself. (Ouch)

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I would be more inclined to state it this way.
Those of Abraham where participants in the Coming of the Lord, the Messiah. We are participants in that the Messiah has come. Both receiving that which is of God which is the fulfillment of His Word in the Son of Man.