A COURSE IN MIRACLES (ACIM)-How to refute assertions of errors in the Bible?

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My son and daughter-in-law who are both baptized Catholics are studying the book " A Course in Miracles". I need practical directions to respond to this book’s denial of sin, guilt , suffering and the need for a Savior . This book denies that Jesus Christ is Divine and is the begotten not created Son of God.The book’s purpose is to correct the “errors” of the Sacred Scriptures. I am concerned for my grandson and future ones who will be taught these heretical beliefs. Your help will be appreciated.
Unfortunately, space and time constraints prevent a detailed discussion of the topics you mentioned. However, the following links will lead you to the answers you’re looking for (see footnotes on all Catechism references). I also recommend you read Fr. Groeshel’s book A Still Small Voice. He dedicates a chapter to the Course in Miracles.

Denial of sin:
Sin (reality of sin): *Catechism of the Catholic Church * no. 386-412

Inherited guilt: ewtn.com/library/ANSWERS/JUSTIF.HTM
Personal guilt: ewtn.com/library/ANSWERS/JUSTIF.HTM

Suffering: *Catechism of the Catholic Church * no. 385-412

The need for a Savior: *Catechism of the Catholic Church * no. 389 “Jesus is the Savior of all men”

Jesus is not divine: *Catechism of the Catholic Church * no. 445

Errors in scripture: *Catechism of the Catholic Church * no. 107

Article: A Course in Miracles by Edward R Hryczyk
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