Am I married?

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:confused: Hello,

I was listening to Catholic Answers the other day and got disturbed. Please help me clear this up.

When I was 19 yrs old I was married in the Methodist church. After 11 years my then wife divorced me to be with another man. Three years after that divorce, I met a wonderful Catholic lady who was divorced. At the time I was just a “Christian.” We met with her priest and explained our desire to be married and for me to become a Catholic. He said that we could get married civilly and that he would begin the annulment process. After a couple of classes, during Mass one Sunday the priest confirmed me as a Catholic. (I had been baptized as a child in the Methodist church.) He kept avoiding the annulment issue. After 18 months, we sought out a different priest in a different diocese. I started this process and explained my previous marriage to him as well as my abbreviated course into the Catholic Church. He assured me that I was Catholic even though the procedure might have been unorthodox. He also said that there was no need for me to do anything about my previous marriage as it was outside the Catholic Church. He then met with my wife and started the annulment process. After duly investigating her previous marriage, the Tribunal informed her that the marriage was never valid and she was free to marry within the Catholic Church. We were married by the same priest within a few weeks. If I understood the conversation properly, I may not be validly married. Please help me. Am I sinning by being married? What should I do?

THANX! :ehh:
If two non-Catholics marry, the Church will assume the validity of the marriage unless proven otherwise. Your first marriage should have been presented to the marriage tribunal to determine validity.

Please contact your diocesan Marriage Tribunal directly and explain your situation.
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