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Hey all,

If one is in mortal sin, and the scheduled confessions are on saturday only or by appointment, if one dies intending on going to confession on saturday instead of by appointment because it’s face-to-face confession, would one go to hell?

This is kind of why directly after I go to confession I say a prayer asking God that if I’m going to die, to let me die after confession… wow, that’s really horrific, isn’t it?
It is always recomended that when a person comes to the knowledge of having committed Mortal sin or any sin for that matter. They should truly reflect on it and on the harm that it has caused to their relationship with God. Then say an Act of Contrition with the intent of receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation as soon as possible.
God ALWAYS tempers his Divine Justice with his Divine Mercy…

If you were sorry for your sins, made a sincere act of contrition before going to Confession, and were to die before that confession, you would NOT go to Hell… that isnt Gods way of doing things. The act of contrition is your quasi confession…we go to church and seek absolvement from our sins BECAUSE we run a danger of IMPERFECT contrition on our own…which is why we dont just confess on our own without a priest…there is the danger of a lack of humility…the act of going to a priest and admitting our deepest faults assures us of humility…AND Jesus gives the Priests (POWER) to bind and loose… THAT right there gives us 100% ASSURANCE that we can never have on our own that our sins were forgiven PERFECTLY as opposed to just saying sorry in the comfort of our own home… 👍

God would know what your intent was if you were to do die before an official confession… I go about every month…whether its for mortal or venial sins… hey…if the POPE feels the need to go WEEKLY, than who are WE to not at least go once a month?
Thank you both for your responses. They were both extremely helpful!
I can only hope that if I commit a mortal sin at any time that I have enough sense to at least say a sincere Act of Contrition immediately, until I can get to confession.

Thanks be to God that the Holy Spirit gave mankind the wisdom to have penitential prayers and the conscience to recognize that we have fallen out of grace.

May the Lord have mercy on all our souls and bring the eternal light to our hearts.

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