Another Question about Confession!

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As most of you know, I am a convert. It has been about nineteen years, and I have, of course, been to confession many times…However, I am never sure of the best way to start out. Some priesets are good to help, but others just wait.

**Are you supposed to start by saying the old favorite: “Forgvie me Father, for I have sinned?”…Or do you go by the new rite…People seem to do even that differently. **

I’m always a little embarrassed, because I’m not sure of how to start.

BTW, the best confession I ever made was several years ago at at Call to Holiness Conference, where we could go behind a screen (sheet, in this case…don’t ask)…It was great…I was able to concentrate on my sins, and the whole “feeling” was better.

You should always start with a Sign of the Cross. Then you can use any words you wish but also include how long it has been since your last celebration of the Sacrament.
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