Attire for Daily Mass vs. Sunday Mass

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Ok, this is a topic relating to the How Should We Dress for Mass? thread. Here are the questions:

Should attire for daily Mass be any different from the attire for Sunday Mass? Likewise, should dress for Sunday Mass be any different from the dress for special occasion Masses, such as holidays? This difference of course excludes differences in colors that are appropriate for the various seasons and occasions. Additionally, I understand that weddings could be an exception as garments such as tuxedos could be rented and that many people may not be able to afford to include them as part of their normal wardrobe.

Feel free to post any opinion on this topic, but I will debate until we find the truth. 👍 Take care and God bless.
My first response would be to say- no, there should be no difference. But many who go to Daily Mass may have jobs they go to afterward that may require them to be in certain uniform.

I guess ‘business casual’ would be the most casual I could go myself, but I think anyone whose clothing is clean and neat would be dressed appropriately. :twocents:
**Mass is Mass… no matter what. Dressing for Mass shouldn’t have to matter if its daily or Sunday obligation. We are entering into the House of our Lord and Savior!🙂 **
Daily Mass attenders in our parish tend to dress casually, but all are neat and clean, and reverent in their demeanor. It is not unusual to see nice shorts, slacks, and jeans…No short shorts, however, or haltar tops.
I asked the Priest about this and he basically said nice casual was ok for Daily Mass.

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****Our priest, would, I believe, say the same thing. As I have stated earlier, our daily communicants dress fairly casually, but are always neat and clean, and respectful.
I often feel that dress at all masses has dramaticly decreased in recent years, and people do not realize that they are witnessing the heavenly banquet. If in fact we are at the eternal heavenly banquet should we not dress better than we would for a nice restraunt. I feel people these days are very laxed in this area and do not realize, or do not care that they are in the presence of Jesus.

On a weekday, you’re doing yardwork, and dressed appropriately. In doing your chores you realize you need something from the hardware store, so you set out without changing your clothes. Along the way you pass the church, and notice there’s a Mass in five minutes.

Do you skip Mass because you’re not dressed appropriately? Or, do you attend Mass, and gain the accompanying graces, sensing that the Holy Spirit has lead you to pass the church at that moment?
Sunday is the first and most important day of the week, a little Easter every seven days, and to me, more special than the other days. It is because of the primacy of Sunday that I would wear dressier clothes to Mass. That said, I think there’s a minimum standard for going into the church - clean, neat, modest clothing that would not be distracting or offensive to other worshipers. But Sundays call for a step above that.

If the guy doing yard work is covered with dirt, I’d say skip the Mass, otherwise, I see no problem going in as long as his clothes are modest.

The noon Mass I attend gets a variety of folks during their lunch hours.

Many are in busniess attire (either formal or casual), but many are in their ‘work’ clothes. What really comes to mind are a group of latino landscape workers who tend the the local office buildings. They are often sweaty and dressed in dirty overalls or tank tops. But they are there almost daily.

I personally would rather see someone take time our of their work schedule to spend time in prayer with our Lord, than forego Mass because of the way they are dressed.
Daily Mass is a wonderful, and from what I have read lately, not the norm in all parishes. That being said, many of us go to daily mass first thing in the morning then are off to work. We have no time to go home and change.

Its always important to be neat and clean in appearence, but most important, is to show true reverence to God and the Holy Mass.

Sundays are different. If one does not have to work, then there is no need to dress in “work closes”. Do we not owe God our finest? Just look at what He gave us! :bowdown2:
<<<I personally would rather see someone take time our of their work schedule to spend time in prayer with our Lord, than forego Mass because of the way they are dressed.>>>

I couldn’t agree more…
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