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Does anyone here have any Frassati groups in their churches?

A few people in my church are working at getting a young adults’ group started here, and I’m looking for information.

There is an International Frassati Festival in the week prior to the 4th of July and on that weekend, which I am unable to attend, but from what I understand there are groups everywhere.

Can someone maybe share their experiences, what you do, how you got started, etc? Any suggestions when starting a group or pitfalls to avoid?

I really know nothing and was actually asked to help organize the group (I guess my new friends think I have an adventuring spirit…but what they don’t understand is that I’m a HORRIBLE organizer).

If you don’t have any information, I guess I would just ask for prayers that as we (around the world) get this and similar groups started, that the Lord bless us and send the Holy Spirit so that we may follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

There is another Conference towards the end of July. Perhaps your group could attend and you will get some pointers on how to get your group going.
The Frassati Society is proud to present its 7th annual conference July 23-25, 2004 in Lafayette, Indiana. The weekend is a tremendous opportunity to hear from enlightening speakers and meet other young adult Catholics in a relaxed and inspired atmosphere. Speakers at this year’s conference include Mr. Michael Cumbie and Rev. Mitchell Pacwa, S.J., and Late Night with Fr. Richard is back!
Frassati Society of Young Adult Catholics Conference
Frassati groups are all over the place!!!

In the Twin Cities area, we have a thriving Frassati society, led by the sister of the guy who started the Denver Frassati society (which I believe was the first Frassati group in the States… and is the “hub” of Frassati activity, Denver’s group is hosting the International Fest over the 4th of July).

I myself am only involved on the fringes of the Twin Cities Frassati society due to time constraints (though I am very close friends with most of the organizers of the group), but I can get you any and all info you need to get a group of your own going!! Please message me privately and I will get you the appropriate contact numbers/e-mails.


Thanks! I didn’t know about the one at the end of July…I’ll look into attending, as I can’t attend the one over the 4th.

I’m kind of amazed that the Frassati group in St. Paul isnt’ listed in the Catholic Spirit…unless I just haven’t found it.

I guess my major gripe with the Church is that there is an “invisible group” and we have special needs as well. Marriage and family are so important, but everyone seems to forget that some are called to be eternal singles, and others are struggling to find the right “one” and we need guidance in our lifestyles also.

Had it not been for the 2 women I share a wall with, I would never have known about Blessed Pier Frassati or the varous groups…I hope to have many future experiences with the local organizations!

Thanks for the link…I’m adding it to my favorites.
Not exactly a group, but my former high school, Bishop McGuinness in Oklahoma City, has Blessed Pier Giorgio as their patron.
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