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I am becoming Catholic and would like to know just exactly who can approach the priest for a blessing with their arms crossed during Communion. Do you have to already be Catholic, and can unbaptised children receive a blessing? Very confused here in way, way Northern California.
Thanks for your help, and G-d bless,
Basically a Blessing is for anyone and everyone, even objects can get them too. My children have a book on it I just cannot find it? (Who should be teaching whom here?:o ) Our parish has adults receive a ‘Blessing’ during communion for those not able to receive the Eucharist. We also have the children go up afterwards for their ‘Blessing’ – this is where I sneak in and get a ‘Blessing’ by taking my kids up with me!:whistle: I do not know of anyone who can not get a ‘Blessing’ during communion but again, I do not know all the rules. I have never heard of or seen anyone refused a ‘Blessing’. In our RCIA class our priest actually encouraged everyone not receiving communion to get one and gives ‘Blessings’ anytime someone asks for one to an individual or group without question.

Try this site for more information and a start on more information.

I wish I was more help for you. If I were you I would get the ‘Blessing’ and ask your priest at the first chance you get if there are any rules on it. I could not find any in my search and have never heard of any.:hmmm:

Hello and welcome as you journey to into the Church. I am not aware of any restrictions regarding this. I recommend that you talk to the priest about this outside of Mass. If you find that you cannot do that for some reason, just remember that the priest will be assuming that you are going up for Communion and will be getting ready to distribute HIM to you. Quietly but clearly ask him to give you a blessing.
I’m not aware of any restrictions. One just walks up the communion line, crosses their arms at the time of the Eucharist, and the priest blesses that person rather than hands out communion.
I’ve also asked the priest on occasion after Mass for special blessings. The other day, I asked him to bless my 1 year old since it was the first anniversary of his baptism. He laid hands on him and said a nice blessing. I’ve also asked for blessings on rosaries. etc. I asked for a blessing after Mass right before I went to the hospital.
I’ve heard of people asking priests they’ve seen in public for blessings, and a lot of priests like that.
Just be sure it’s at a time (for these other types of blessings) that’s appropriate. Most priests though are happy to give blessings!!!
My husband and his best friend are Harley Davidson drivers. (The middle aged, respectable old guy type, not the renegade type 😃 ) After arranging it in advance, our priest blessed their motorcycles, right before a long road trip they were taking.
Any one who can’t receive the Holy Eucharist can go up for a blessing, Catholic or not! My husband, who will be confirmed next Easter, goes up with our 18 year old son each Sunday with their arms crossed for a blessing, just like the little kids waiting for their first Communion. My husband was embarrassed at first but I told him that if I knew Jesus was up there blessing His people, just try and keep me in the pew! It will throw a few Eucharistic ministers off in surprise (some of the older ladies can’t quite reach his forehead, so he has to bow way down–it makes them both smile) but I think it’s a fine example for others, too.
Just wanted to thank all of you who took the time to help me out with this. Some days I suffer a great deal in this process, but also have unbelievable joy to know I’m finally coming “home” after twenty years as a “wandering Jew”.G-d Bless you all and many blessings,
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