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I have two young homeschooling children and want to teach them about American history, however I do not want to use the secular books that you consistently find in public schools. I want to find materials(books) that have a christian or Catholic point of view. Any recomendations?
I homeschool two children and I use Seton Home School Curriculum. The history books are very good and they have lots of suggestions for other books to supplement their program.

Go to Seton Home School on the internet *. You can purchase individual books and I’m sure that they will give recommendations to you as well.

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Laura Berquist recommends Our Pioneers and Patriots by Most Rev. Phillip J. Furlong. This is part of her ‘Classical’ curriculum. If you go to, you can see a booklist for each grade to get more titles. For instance, for my fourth grader she also recommends The Evangelization of the New World.

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I would recommend to you as a homeschool parent the following book: “A Landscape With Dragons: The Battle for Your Child’s Mind” by Michael O’Brien.

I attach a review of the book with which I agree:
"Mr. O’Brien does a great service with this book by demonstrating the secular and pagan influences in much of what passes for children’s literature these days. He carefully explains the difference (for Christians) between acceptable and unacceptable fantasy in a clear and cogent manner (and he sets quite a high standard!)

Portions of the book could have stood more detailed analysis.

Of special interest to the homeschooler is the detailed appendix which provides literally hundreds of safe and age appropriate titles for readers of all ages.

All in all, a remarkable and timely book.

In Christ,

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