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Can you please explain to me the differences between an Orthodox Catholic, a Roman Catholic, an Eastern Catholic, and a Western Catholic. I was born, baptized, raised, and still reside in the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My diocese teaches the followings of Pope John Paul II and Vatican II. Recently I read an article in a magazine that Mel Gibson’s does not believe in Vatican II and will build his own church? I am very confused.
Orthodox Catholic: Usually orthodox is lowercased and it refers to someone who holds to the teachings of the Catholic Church. When Orthodox is uppercased it refers to those who belong to the Eastern Orthodox churches that are not in union with Rome, but they cannot be properly identified as Catholics.

Roman Catholic: (a.) someone who belongs to the Catholic Church that is under the authority of the Bishop of Rome [often used this way by secular outlets and by non-Catholic Christians]; (b.) a member of the Latin (i.e., Roman) rite of the Catholic Church.

Eastern Catholic: A member of one of the Eastern rites of the Catholic Church that is in union with Rome and recognizes the authority of the pope as universal head of the Catholic Church.

Western Catholic: A member of the Latin rite of the Catholic Church, the patriarch of the Latin rite being the pope. (The pope is both head of the universal Church and patriarch of the West, or the Latin rite.)
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