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I’m curious I struggle with a particular sexual sin and I try to go to confession as much as possible. This sin is a mortal sin and I pray and fast and try everything but can’t seem to get a handle on it. Should I not recieve the Eucarist if I haven’t gone to confession?
If you know you have commited a mortal a sin, do not recieve communion until you go to confession… Temptations of the flesh are the greatest… and for many the hardest to overcome… what you must do is first remove all occasions of the sin…get rid of any sex books/mags and/or tapes/dvds you may have laying around…out of sight out of mind help greatly in this instance…dont just “bury them in a drawer”…thats not being honest…THROW THEM AWAY…what I did was tear them up and rip the tapes from the casettes and damged the dvds…we also dont want others to accidently find them and get use from them! Pray the Rosary… get some holy water, bless yourself with it daily…and just take it in increments…try going a few weeks…than a month…then stretch your periods of purity even longer…but dont think cause you slipped up, all is lost… if we were perfect, there would be no such thing as confession to begin with…some folks deal with MULTITUDES of sins…others have this one single sin to cope with…and btw…its my cross as well.

For intercession against sexual temptation try praying to these:

St. Mary of Edessa
St Mary of Egypt
St Margaret of Cortona
St Angela of Foligno

At various times in their lives these Saints have had to deal with sexual issues.

God Bless and PERSEVERE! 🙂
I pray and fast and try everything but can’t seem to get a handle on it.
It sounds like you’re trying to do everything yourself. Keep doing what you’re doing (praying and fasting), but put yourself in God’s hands and realize that it is He who will give you what you need to overcome this sin. In the meantime, this is an opportunity to grow in humility.

And yes, do wait for Communion until you’ve been to Confession. If you keep going to Confession, you will receive special graces to avoid this sin. And if you keep going to the same priest and let him know that this sin is habitual, he will be able to give you good advice in your continuing struggle. This is not unusual, and the priest will have plenty of experience helping others before you.

Well i feel like a new man I confessed masturbation today , feels finally thats off my shoulders. I thank the Lord for this and his grace will see me through temptaion.
I find that praying to my Guardian Angel as well as praying the St. Michael prayer whenever I am tempted sexually (and working with college age female students means a lot of temptation) has been of great benefit in helpint me overcome it. I also ask for the stength to be chaste in thought, word, and deed (including looks) as part of my morning prayers. These have been of great help.

… Should I not recieve the Eucarist if I haven’t gone to confession?
My understanding is that if one is not properly disposed to receive our Lord, then taking communion would bring about condemnation instead of salvation.
I’ve been in the same boat.I’d feel horrible confessing the same sin over and over. I think there are great graces received in confession; just don’t give up. And don’t go to communion. I would do that because of pride and being concerned that people would know something is wrong if I did’nt go; but that’s another mortal sin that has to be confessed.
Just keep fighting the good fight!

God bless,

Sometimes what helps me get through sin in general, mortal and venial, is to meditate on and contemplate the sufferings of our Lord Jesus. The suffering I go through to deny temptation is but small compared to his. The sorrowful mysteries of the most holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary are in themselves (all the mysteries are, truly) a perfect tool for experiencing suffering, in any way shape or form. Sometimes, to deny ourselves is mental suffering, and when we align ourselves with the severity of Christ’s internal and external sufferings, it helps us to follow him closely in everything, such as the denial of temptation. How hard it must have been for him to follow the will of God knowing the suffering He was going to endure. Yet, He did, because He was obedient to the Father, loved us, and knew it was the only way to save us. Sometimes to offer these sufferings up to Him, brings strength and the ability to withstand previous temptations that seemed impossible to steer clear from before. And above all else, remember how deeply he loves you, and also realize that the “just man falls seven times a day.” We are going to fail. We are going to sin. Just keep perservering in your efforts, and pray for divine assistance.
As long was we are trying our best, God will reward us for the effort even though we still fall over again.
One of the best books I have ever read about the Sacrament of Penance is entitled, *Frequent Confession *by Fr. Benedict Bauer, O.S.B. It was quite enlightening, especially his discussion of the spiritual fruits of a good confession. I recommend it to all.

As for overcoming sexual sin, there is nothing better than the wisdom of the Church: weekly confession, daily rosary, daily Mass, avoiding the occasions of sin, fasting (particularly important to drive out and protection from evil spirits of lust), controlling one’s imagination, and I would add, daily Eucharistic Adoration. One hour a day before Our Eucharistic Lord Jesus will help you to acquire self-control. Forgiving all hurts, real or imagined and surrendering our anger and fear to the Lord are also important.

Others in this forum have recommended invoking the intercession of the saints and of course, the angels, particularly St. Michael. The use of sacramentals is also very helpful especially during periods of “remote temptation” - to nip it in the bud, so to speak - holy water, sacred images, etc. As soon as a sexual temptation begins, invoke the holy Name of Jesus and call upon the angels and Our Lady. Even if one is seriously addicted to some sexual sin, these supernatural means will begin to break its power and will lead to a chaste life.

Fr. Donato
I also recommend the rosary for these types of sins. Concider carrying one with you in your pocket so you can pray whenevry it is convient. You would also be an active witness to others about your faith.
The sins of the flesh(if that’s what you’re talking about; if you’re not, I apologize) ARE the hardest to rid oneself of. The use of Sacramentals as was mentioned above is a good plan. It’s hard to commit that particular sin if you feel as though you are being watched, so get a crucifix in every room, carry a Rosary, and USE it when you feel the temptation. Also, “avoiding the near occasion of sin” is MANDATORY. Get rid of all the things in your home that may lead you to temptation. Get rid of HBO, et al.

Force yourself to take part in Spritual exercises, at the least the Daily Rosary and Scripture readings. If you do this for three weeks, they become a habit, and thence hard to break.

Have faith, intent is everything, God will help you if you ask.
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