Dominicans, Franciscans, and other icans

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What’s up with that?

Jesuits and all these other groups. What are the differences?
It reflects a different focus when practicing the Faith. a simple anology would be a medical doctor. They all have M.D.'s some practice medicine however in different ways or different specialities. Dominicans preach, Franciscans care for the poor, Carmelites pray, Jesuits teach, etc.
What I wonder about the different orders, is how a young man would find out about them. Most if not all the priests in my area don’t belong to an order - I think the term is “diocesan priests”?

The only theory I have right now, is that “the system” is what keeps the orders going. That is, if the nearest seminary is run by the Dominicans, then it will draw the candidates from that area. If the local Catholic high school is run by Jesuits, they will steer their boys toward a Jesuit seminary. If there is more to it than that, I’d like to understand.

We have no seminaries in this state, as I understand it the diocese sends its candidates all the way to the Midwest for education.
Here is where you can start. Get a copy of the Catholic Almanac the latest published in the 2003 edition which came out in 2004. Even an older version form 1998 or 1996 would be fine. In the section under Consecrated Life you will find Religious Orders it lists all of them where they main house is located how to contact them, many now have web addresses. You would always be welcome to visit and spend a week or month living with them this can be arranged by speaking to their vocation director.
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