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Does anyone else have a “Drama Ministry” in their parish? We have a group of people who occasionally act out episodes from the gospel during Mass. I really don’t care for this type of thing.
I’ve only seen it done at Life Teen, but it wasn’t a regular “ministry” as far as I know. It was a skit inserted into the homily with the participation of the priest. I found it distracting and annoying. I have friends in Protestant churches who work in “puppet ministry” believe it or not. Coming soon to a Mass near you! Hey, if we can have clowns, why not puppets and one-act plays. Not every homily for children and teens needs to be on the level of a summer camp experience! Young people are more intelligent than that and shouldn’t be fed spiritual baby food all the time.
When I was in college I did the puppet ministry (I was not Catholic). We never did anything of it in church. We went to nursing homes, children functions (VBS), etc. If a group is bound in determined to have a drama group there are places where you can *really *minister to others. You may not get the glory and applause af performing in Mass, but that is not the point of it, is it.
A DRAMA enacted? DURING MASS? :eek:

Only 2 places I like my CHEEZE… in movies or on my sandwich… :cool:
Yes, indeed. I guess they’re trying to liven up the parish. Evidently, since there aren’t many replies, this doesn’t go on at other parishes.
But at least we don’t have liturgical dance. Yet.
I have no problem with a drama ministry per se. But it is not appropriate during the Mass, and I believe it would be forbidden during the homily, since that is particularly reserved to a priest (or deacon?)

The mass itself is a celebration that demands the participation of both the priest and the laity, but that participation is fairly well scripted and I’m not sure where the leeway would be to allow a drama ministry during it.
Our parish youth group mimed the Passion of the Christ on the Good Friday communion service. (not a mass) I played the role of Jesus. I think that the majority of the congregation was deepy moved - deeper than other Good Fridays, perhaps? Anyhow, it was an awe-inspiring experiance.

We practiced it for months - it was well done, well timed, well lighted, et cetera. It didn’t interrupt the “flow” of the service, either.

I don’t really want to do skits during mass. I think that would be too distracting. I also think it is against what the Bishop says we can do.
:dancing: I am sorry to inform you, Drama is officially NOT allowed during Mass. Thsi is especially AGAINST the latest document of the Church: Written by the prefect of: The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, namely. Cardinal Arinze’ However, there should be no problem in establishing a drama group which could do shows etc., for the Parish community at a parish community center, but these shows are never allowed at mass and if ever a priest tells you otherwise, or says this is not true, tell him to read the LATEST(just in case some are still stuck in the 1970’s) document from the Holy See regarding liturgical abuse. You may want to check the vatican’s of Us bishops official web-site for the actual document.
The Church where I teach did a living stations of the cross presentation during lent. It was also very moving and reverent, but was not done during mass. There is certainly a place for these types of celebrations, the only issue I have is with them being done during mass and particularly as part of the homily.
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