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Most dioceses, I believe, have some sort of formal program to educate children for receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion, and Confirmation. I’m wondering if children can be denied these Sacraments if they do not attend one of these programs? I’m not looking for ways to undermine a bishop’s authority on this matter, but I do believe that some religious education programs are mediocre, at best, and some parents can do a better job teaching their kids about their faith. What’s a parent (child) to do?
…but I do believe that some religious education programs are mediocre…
If you have noticed any lapses in the religious education programmes of your kids you have the right to raise a complaint with the relevant authorities.
In our diocese, we are not permitted to refuse confirmation to children who have not attended classes.
really bad policy in my opinion…
My daughter is preparing for confirmation in the fall. I am lucky, they are doing a wonderful job.

You may be required to attend, as in my parish. But if you have extenuating circumstances, like work schedule, that precludes your attendance, your pastor my excuse you or OK partial attendance. He may also OK you covering the material completely on your own, But, it is their responsibility to be sure your child understands the sacraments, so your child will probably be tested on his/her knowledge.

Remember, you are the primary educator of your child, anyway, so find good materials & do your own thing too. I look at the required classes as just a jumping off point for our home study.

If you think the prep programs are mediocre, supplement. If you think they are teaching anything that is against church teaching, that is something different altogether. In that case I would complain, complain & probably not send my child.
A parish cannot deny a child receiving a Sacrament solely on the basis of non-attendance at a particular prep program. Parents can alway prepare their children themselves and present them to the pastor so that he can assure himself that they are indeed prepared, usually by a short interview.

This is how many if not most homeshooling families bring their children to the Sacraments.

By the way, the parish may say that the child has a private First Communion rather than join the group who went through the parish classes. Also, only the pastor can say that a child is not prepared enough to receive a sacrament, not the teacher or DRE.

There are many reasons that a priest can deny a child receiving a Sacrament such as not understanding what is happening (ie absolution or Real Presence), not being a member of the parish, not being regular Mass attendees, not presenting proof of valid Baptism etc. CCE class just isn’t one of the valid reasons.
Funny how when you’ve got something on the mind, there’s a post/thread about that very thing!

Our family just began homeschooling, after Easter break this year. Next year two of my children are due to receive Sacraments. Our whole outlook and status quo has changed, and as homeschoolers, I am realizing that our ‘options’ are much wider than I had realized… which is wonderful. My seven year old has been ready for his First Confession for some time. Now, instead of waiting for the class scheduled ‘event’, he’ll be making his first Confession soon. Think of the graces he’ll be receiving with every Confession between now and his First Communion!
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