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Has anybody seen things at Mass that gets under your skin? Such as gum chewing? Let’s hear about them.
I don’t think it is very nice when parishioners leave right after communion, and not stay for the rest of the mass. It makes you wonder what there thinking is.

I have a times had to leave due to setting up something for the mass afterwards, but the Father usually knows that is why.
I don’t think it is very nice when parishioners leave right after communion, and not stay for the rest of the mass. It makes you wonder what there thinking is.
I, too, am bothered by that. It’s not like there’s a ton of cars in the parking lot like you’re at a rock concert.


Mass lasts for only an hour. People stay for movies that last close to two hours.

I think mebbe this behavior is because folks are not catechized well enough?

Or, they may wrongly consider that the last song at Mass is a performance by the music group, and not them leading us in prayer?
At our chuch, we have a terrible time with people leaving their cell phones/beepers turned on. I understand forgetting now and again, but the cantor always says right before the procession, “Please turn off all cell phones and beepers.” They still go off.

Oh, and one more. I can’t stand when I go to Mass on Easter or Christmas and the place is packed. Everyone’s decked out in their “Sunday best” and there isn’t an empty pew in the church. Too bad they don’t wear their “Sunday best” on Sunday, because during ordinary time, those people are never to be found 😦
Some good posts here. Another thing that concerns me at our parish is how some of the youth dress. In particular at the confirmation mass last year, but on other occasions as well, I have seen skirts that are barely covering, too tight or short tops, or untucked or sloppily tucked shirts. I want to reach out to youth and have them feel they are a part of the mass and our parish community, but not at the price of the dignity of the mass. I think parents need to do a better job of policing the way their kids dress on Sunday.

I try not to let this get under my skin. I’m there to worship the Lord and I try to stay focussed on that. I’d like to say something, but I feel like if I did I’d probably get chewed out for not supporting our youth.
I played with two of my X-men action figures once. One time a mom brought her tot to the back of the Church and allowed him to play with little cars or something, but it was very loud. The preist looked VERY annoyed when he stared at the mom for a good 5 sec.
Sometimes other people are a good bad example. I had been lecturing my teen daughter about modest clothing & just wasn’t getting anywhere. Then, one Good Friday, the short-skirt wearing woman in front of her leaned over to kiss the cross & gave everyone a good view of her thong underwear.

My daughter is much more careful about what she wears! 😃
I dislike it when those late-comers get in just before the Gospel (then there obligation is fulfilled):rolleyes: …march down front and disrupt the Mass. These are older Catholics and I suspect they probably have been doing it right along…I’ve been guilty of it in the past, but never marched down front for all to see.:o
Yea what ruffles my feathers are some said before, leaving right aftef communion, sneaking in late , babies crying (cant help that but it just still bothers me), talking. I also dont like how people leave before the priest has left the church during the last hymn or how parishoners sometimes dont kneel before entering the pew they either just skip it our half *** it .
Simply not showing respect to God and the people in church who are there to seriously spend some time with him.
  1. Chatting bothers me.
  2. Looking around (especially behind you) because you’re bored.
  3. People who sit down before the priest does.
  4. Yawning.
  5. Noisy children and the parent who refuses to take them into the back of church for the benefit of the other parishoners.
  6. Holding hands during the Lord’s prayer.
  7. Leaving after communion.
  8. Going to communion even though you shouldn’t (not having been to confession for years and living a life of sin, for example).
  9. Sticking one hand out for communion…as if you’re entitled to it :mad:
  10. Starting your singing 2 seconds late after the music has begun…sing with the beat, people!
Boy…I sure get angry during mass. :rotfl:
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