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Cool thread idea Amy.

I’ll read almost anything Jimmy Akin is writing here:

and sometimes I like to see what that one guy who’s rather hostile to God’s Church has to say here:

Mark Shea does have an excellent blog. But I don’t know David Morrison. And the link you provided is a second link to Mark Shea’s blog. Could you post again with a link to David Morrison’s blog? Thanks for the other blog links too!
I would just like to humbly ask your forgiveness for getting your name wrong. I went over to Amy Wellborn’s blog, and was working on making a memory of it and her name while typing up my post, so you got to be called Amy. 😦 oops.
With 4 kids, a house to clean, cooking and a job, reading these forums is taking up all the free time I have.

I’m probably the only person I know who doesn’t read blogs. I can’t take the chance of another addiction, but I think I better read Jimmy Akins…just this once. :rotfl:
Catholic Ragemonkey is a great site. It’s written by two priests. ragemonkey.blogspot.com/
I’ll second that. Of course, my vote may be biased as Fr. Tharp was the associate pastor of my parish for several years 😃
Please don’t think I’m so stupid, but, what is a blog? I have never heard that word before, sorry, for asking dumb question :o
Please don’t think I’m so stupid, but, what is a blog? I have never heard that word before, sorry, for asking dumb question :o
“blog” is short for Web Log. It’s a type of website that basically mimicks a journal style, where the adminsitrators of the blog can post things that are on their mind. Usually blog topics are ordered by date posted.
Catholic Blogdom is known collectively as St. Blogs. Over the past few years it has grown from the original Catholic weblog (Kathy Shaidle of Relapsed Catholic) to probably over 400 blogs that cover specifically Catholic topics.

Gerard Serafin maintains a master list of Catholic Weblogs at

Patrick Sweeney maintains a list of Catholic blogs that is sorted by when it was last updated.

I have found blogs to be a great way of keeping up on the Church and learning more about the faith from knowledgeable people who take their faith seriously. The large majority of Catholic blogs are faithful to the Church and there are relatively few progressive blogs and a couple from Rad Trads. Commonweal magazine even complained about the dearth of progressive blogs in Catholic blogdom.

Thanks to BaronGZ for mentioning my blog (The Curt Jester)
There are now so many blogs that I can’t even read them all on anything that resembles a regular basis. The ones I read most often are:

The Curt Jester
De Fidei Oboedintia
A Saintly Salmagundi

There are a number of others that I occasionally read, and most of them are linked to on my blog. Oh, yes, I have my own blog:

Danger! Falling Brainwaves

I named it this because I couldn’t think of anything else to name it. It’s kind of unique in that I wrote my own ASP scripts to serve it. I must say that I’m impressed with people who can still come up with good creative writing even after a long time. I’ve been at it for two years and am finding it harder to come up with stuff to post. I guess I need to do some more reading.

The Catholic Education Resource Center is a great place… check it out! 👍
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