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I am in the process of Converting to Lutheranism from a mixed background. One thing that has been bothering me greatly is that I have had this urge that I must go to confession in a Catholic Church before I can in good conscience complete my process of becoming Lutheran.

This would be my first and last confession.

I do not know why I must do this I just know that it is something I must do.

I was baptized Catholic as was my Grandfather, and his father, and so on for as long as I can trace my ancestry. My brother and I will be the last of this line.

I have many questions about this but I am limited to one, forgive me I am going to ask you to answer two.

Am I allowed to confess my sins in a Catholic Church even though I am in the process of becoming Lutheran?
And… if I can how do I go about doing this…etiquette and rules?
Dear Shibboleth,

To seek absolution from a Catholic priest means that you must fully understand what the Catholic Church teaches and intend to live it. Presently you are disqualified on both counts.

You have two more questions to ask—yourself. “Why MUST I go to confession?” And “Why am I joining the Lutheran church when I have been baptized a Catholic?”

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.
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