Football on Good Friday

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Please read this link

How can I try and stop this ?

Write to the boss of the AFL ?

Write to the newspapers?

Write to the Archbishop for him to intervene?

I feel helpless.

It is downright disgusting that Eddie McGuire wants football on Good Friday, especially as he is Catholic.

He says he has seen how other business boom on Good Friday night, and thinks football on Good Friday Night would be ok.

Do you guys in America have football or other sports on Good Friday ?

Love Kellie
Well, I can’t read the article without registering, and I am not going to register.

If my memory serves, there was a big flap this year because the Boston Red Sox had their season opener scheduled for Good Friday. I even heard people talking about if they could get an indult for eating meat so they could have their hot dogs at the ballpark.
We live in a country that is slowly moving away from God.:eek: Our country also has many anti-Catholics living in it.:tsktsk: They would love to have the Super Bowl on Sundays and ball games on Good Friday. Come to think of it, they already do?:hmmm:

As Catholics we must vote our Morals and do the best we can. We can also record games and watch them on other days and skip the commercials. Without viewers the advertiser’s would move the games to other days? Do not pay for tickets for games held on the Lords day either.

Could 51 million Catholics and 33 million Baptists and 14 million Methodists and 10 million Lutherans etc. make an impact? If we avoid Sunday games and Good Friday games (for those with a Good Friday) we could? I spend Sunday’s with my family and not football, do you? When I became RC I changed my life to live by Gods commandments. My days of “buffet Line” theology are over and so is Sunday football. I justified Sunday football in the old days because I was protestant and only followed Gods commandments when it was convenient to me, not God. I used to like football but now I love my family.

See where I got my numbers from here:
Could 51 million Catholics and 33 million Baptists and 14 million Methodists and 10 million Lutherans etc. make an impact? If we avoid Sunday games and Good Friday games (for those with a Good Friday) we could?
We could make a difference if there were that many practicing Catholics, Baptists and Methodist.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of lukewarmness among these groups. It’s hard to get that organized.


I live in Australia and my family follow the AFL too.
The AFL’s new top dog has come out against football on Good Friday but don’t be surprised if it is introduced anyway. If not next year, then most likely in 2006.
Kelly and Queen of Sheba,

I was reading the paper on the plane today (I think that it was the Herald Sun; I’m not too sure, it was not my local), and a reader poll showed overwhelming opposition to the idea of football on Good Friday. Something like 80% against. I am not sure if it is an accurate reflexion of the true situation, but hopeful.
Bernard and Queen of Sheeba,

The Chairman of the AFL has said he doesn’t want to see football on Good Friday, but he is pressured by the Club Presidents.

And they are pressuring him big time.

He will succumb to the pressure.

I just wanted thoughts on how to be actively trying to stop this.

Maybe a petition signed by members in my Parish and sent to the Chairman and also the Archbishop??

I really don’t want to sit back and let this happen, but I feel helpless.

Love Kellie

I think that your intentions are in the right place but that you are mistaken to think that alleged religious influence will impact the decision of whether or not to have a game on Good Friday (in the US in 2004). Business will be run by supply and demand. If the demand exists (and it does) the game will happen. We are reaping the harvest of years of neglect and lukewarm catechism in the Church. People continue to choose “the world” over “the way” often ignorant that they are even doing so. Now this doesnt mean that we just give up the fight, but I think the battle begins with getting people turned on and committed to Christ and the Church. Appropriate behavior from Christians will flow from that.

Im on your side…
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