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I posted this poll because I am wondering what the general concensus on this site is about the bishops in this country. I have sensed that many are disappointed by some of the bishops relectance to stand up and be counted in the current debate over giving communion to Kerry and others in similiar circumstances.
Yes! Go Cardinal George! 🙂 I live in Chicago and try to attend his lectures every time he gives one. He’s a great speaker and very friendly if you ever meet him in person.
Archbishop Sean Patrick O’Malley of Boston is great! Needs a lot of prayers for all that he has inherited!!!🙂
I’ve been impressed with Bishop Murray in Kalamazoo every time I’ve heard him speak. There have been one or two incidents I’ve heard about where he may or may not have known about liturgical irregularities of a Priest and done nothing about it, but I prefer to believe he acts on those matters in private.

He published a book of homilies he has given over the years and a great many of them were very edifying.
I have met my Bishop when my brother was ordained in 2000.
I don’t want to give his name, but in MY opinion, he needs to get tougher on issues in the Cleveland Diocese.
Example: The group Future Church is to be believed to be using some Church property to meet. Future Church is a group that wants women priest and liberal on homosexual issues.
Come on Bishop, get tough!

P.S. Although I am Byzantine, I think our Bishop is really cool 👍
However, what the Latin Bishop does, does affect ALL Catholics.
Whew! First to vote! Go Cardinal George!
You stole our Bishop! That’s what my aunt said when he got moved from Yakima to Portland. Then you stole our Archbiship! Send him back - please? Isn’t he a darling? Normally I’d be nervous talking to a Bishop, but not him. He sets everyone at ease.

I wish I could say the same about our Bishop (in Spokane). I had to give him a D because he is doing some very divisive, very strange things. I suppose it could be his age.

I know which Cleveland area Bishop your talking about, (there’s only one) I live in the Cleveland area. I heard about this Future Church issue and I agree.
Future Church is purely an anti-catholic organization, (femminism, gay rights, women priests etc.) but to T’s credit he did finally ban them from anymore Diocesan use of property.

I don’t rate TP very high. He will be retiring soon, in a few years, I pray we get a strong Bishop in Cleveland, we need one.
We (in Phoenix) stole Bishop Olmsted from Witchita. He is just what we needed after the troubles we’ve had.
I give Archbishop Charles Chaput an A, the archdiocese of denver is lucky to have him
ArchBishop Alexander From Seatle isn’t bad, I feel that he is a very passionate and smart man, who is doing the right thing.

I moved away from LA, and Orange County, Ca. to get away from Cardinal Mahoney, and friends. He gets an F. He shouild be purged from the church. He is a monster. That doesn’t mean the church made a mistake. It means he fell prey to the devil. I bet he “comes out” soon!

My Bishop finally settle abuse law suits. He appears to be concern more with money than teaching. I believe that the primary duty of the Bishop is to be a Catechist, not an educator or manager.
I love Archbishop Burke! I hated to see Justin Rigali go but I now I know we’re in excellent hands!
I recently moved from the Rockford, IL diocese to Joliet (Bishop Doran to Bishop Imesh). The former is of unquestionable orthodoxy, the latter, well… let’s just say I already miss Rockford. You can see, feel and often hear the difference. One example, at a weekday mass in a Joliet diocese church, the celebrant once actually started quoting the Gospel of Thomas during the Homily. Hmmmm.
My Bishop would be Todd Brown (Orange County CA) who’s a protegee of Cardinal Mahoney

He gets an F
I give Archbishop Charles Chaput an A, the archdiocese of denver is lucky to have him
Ditto. I disagreed with the way the archdiocese (and thus, ultimately, Archbishop Chaput) handled the downsizing of the Social Concerns Secretariat, but it wasn’t enough for me to give him a lower score than an A. Just not quite and A+.
However, the diocese headed by a conservative Irishman in which I was in while attending an RC parish, the bishop gets an F. The way he handles matters in his diocese unfortunately prooves that the RCC has not learned from past mistakes.

The RC diocese I live in now, well all I know about the bishop is that he is conservative, however; he severely mishandled priestly abuse of children situation. There are also a lot of RCs here who want him to resign. Apparantly he promised that he would resign a few years ago, and has yet to do so.
😃 I say make Archbishop Chaput a Cardinal and bring him to be Archbishop of New York:clapping: PLEASE!! GOD PLEASE!!
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