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I am a Protestant who is deeply considering entering into the Catholic faith. I feel that many of my questions have been put to rest. God has led me in a unexpected way to consider this faith. Consequently, I do not have any close, deeply commited Catholics as friends. I have grown up knowing only about Catholics who did not seem to truly consider their faith and some who were alcoholics and treated their children badly. I know that many Catholics have strong faith and deeply love the Lord. If anything, this website has shown me great encouragement. However, I have two small children. My only experiences growing up have been of Catholics who did not understand their faith and failed to show deep commitment to God. I need to know what it was like growing up as a Catholic and how you came to know the Lord. I am greatly concerned, because I want my children to have as deep a relationship with God as I do–if not more.
**Ever hear of “the family that prays together, stays together” ? Its true. You and your family should start praying the Rosary every night, or day. Its a good habit to get into. If you start your children earily, then they should have an awesome zeal for the Lord.:bowdown: Don’t be afraid to talk to your children about the Lord and the saints. Let them know the knowledge you have. Teach them… the teaching (i think) starts within the home. **

**If you do enter the Catholic Church (I think that is great and i hope you do!), don’t be afraid to take your children to Mass with you! I like it when I see children there, I take my daughter to church with me (she’s 1 1/2). She can be a little load at times but I see it as a good impression on my part that she will just know that she goes to Mass every Sunday, ya know? 😉 **

God Bless and Good Luck!
My experience growing up Catholic may be very different than some. I didn’t know it then but as I look back on it, it was the best. I remember my parents waking my sister and I up at 4 a.m., on the 29 th of the month(it was the day of thier anniversary) to make a holy hour to the Sacred Heart we would read scripture and pray the Rosary. My mom told us that God was lonley at 4 am and it wouldn’t mean as much if we made it at an easy time to get up. She would also take us to all night vigils. We also said the nightly Rosary. Boy did I hate it then but it’s a great memory now and I know I received a lot of graces from it. I also remember my dad ordering pizza right before midnight on Friday nights because he couldn’t eat meat during the day. Until he decided that it was wrong for him to do that. I really loved the May crowning and St. Nicholas Day. I didn’t like doing the Stations of the cross very much but I know that was good for me too. Rumor had it that kids were fainting at school from all the standing and kneeling:rotfl: I know there’s a book out there about Catholic traditions but the name of it escapes me right now. I’ll look for it.
To add to the suggestions:

Every night, make it part of your bedtime ritual to make an examination of conscience together. Light a candle. Make the examination privately, to yourself, but on your knees, with your children at your side. Then ask forgiveness of God and of each child as your conscience dictates. “I’m sorry I was not patient with you,” etc. Your children will learn the importance of daily examination of conscience and of forgiving each other for any wrongs that may have occurred and will go to bed with a clear conscience. Have them write down their sins in a personal and private notebook and take it to confession (when they’re old enough.)

Religion is caught as much as it is taught. Live your Catholic faith in front of your children.

I LOVE THIS CHURCH! I hope you will love it, too. Help your children see the joy in it.

I think what Reflect might be looking for was an idea of the quality of education children receive through the Catholic Church… In you experience, did you grow up with a strong understanding of the Bible and Catholic traditions?
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