How to start a teen apologetics program?

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I am interested in starting an apologetics group or program for the youth in my parish. I was wondering if anyone knows of an excisting program already active that I can get info and materials from.

Thanks and God bless!

San Juan Catholic Seminars puts out a good series of apologetics materials — short booklets with discussion guides. My daughter used them in a small group setting and liked them. —KCT
well I can’t really help ya, but I do have a Catholic band that reaches out to the youth and we bring the Catholic faith and teachings into our music. You can download it for free on our site as well as our lyrics.

God Bless You,
Mike -
I don’t know of any formal programs, but my 12 & 14 yo are reading the Prove It! series by Amy Wellborn(Our Sunday Visitor Press). I am so impressed! I am telling everyone I know to get them. Adults & teens alike!

Love 'em, love 'em! They are written in a way the kids really understand, yet she doesn’t talk down to them & respects their ability to understand deep thoughts. She lays out real life things friends may say to you about the faith, then good arguments & explanations for them. Excellent!
Thanks for the responses!

KCT, I will look into the materials you mentioned.

Ourladyguadalup, I saw that book series at my local Catholic bookstore yesterday!!! I’m going back to pick them up!

Seven Sorrows, I checked out your site! IT ROCKS!!!
You guys sound great! It just so happens that I am a drummer and I am about to start my own Catholic rock band!!! I’ve been doing the secular band stuff forever and it’s time for me to perform music that really means something to me!

Thank you for starting this thread. I guess I didn’t word things correctly when trying to get the same help. So this is great.
Has anybody heard of the Dead Theologian Society?

I think that’s the name of the program…I remember seeing them on Life on The Rock back when Jeff Cabins was hosting.

It was like the Dead Poets Sociaety and it focused on the lives of the saints. It was geared towards teens.

If anyone has tried this program…let me know if it worked out for your group.

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