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Does anyone know where a person can download free bible study software off the web?

I know there are protestant sources out there that give away free bible software for study, but I am interested in Catholic sources.

And if that isn’t available is there any I purchase that is between $10-$20 dollars range, with book unlocking capability incase I wish to purchase more books if I like the software?

Frankly I am tired of seeing bible study software at Comp_USA and Best Buy that is only Protestant based. I never see any Catholic based software.

I would appreciate any help.

This may not be helpful because it’s not a software program, but if you are willing to buy a printed Catholic Bible study there are a few good ones out there. I personally like the Navarre Bible myself. You can get the entire New Testament (RSV-CE) with commentary for about $40 (“compact edition”). I have the more expansive version of the Gospels and Acts from the Navarre series. It’s expensive but beautifully done with lots of cross-references and has very very lengthy commentary.

There’s the Ignatius Study Bible as well, but only 6 books of the Bible are commented on at the moment. It is more scholarly than the Navarre in the sense that it goes into detail about locations, some of the Greek words, history, etc. In contrast, the Navarre series is as much a reflection on the Scripture as a commentary.

I would also be interested in a software commentary. Hopefully someone knows of one!
Hi, this web address you can download for free a bible viewing application that also lets you download many multiple bible versions.

The application is free along with most of the bibles and commentarys, although you can give a donation. I have not checked out anything other that downloadable bibles.

I have been using it and it has been very useful.
Good Luck and hopes it helps!


(edited) FYI, I just realized that you a actually looking for a bible study program, which this is not.

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for. Many of these software packages are a bit more expensive that $10-$20, but they have MANY additional texts, encyclopedias etc. on each package.

Cheaper, more specialized bible study CD-ROM’s

This one is more specialized, but cheaper- way at the bottom of the page…


And just a quick search for Catholic software on Amazon gave me a few… all VERY comprehensive:nerd:, but also very expensive. Good luck to you!
Thank you all for your help. I appreciate the effort to help.

I have downloaded Esword which is a great program, but it is Protestant based. 37 english bibles can be downloaded but only one of them is Catholic “Douay-Rheims Bible”. It has no catholic commentaries, catholic dictionaires, or catholic books extra’s.

There are so many Protestant based bible study software it is ridiculas. Many of them loaded with plenty of extras, alot of them reasonably priced $9.99-$30

I have at least 3 of these softwares. All of them numerous have anti-catholic titles bound with them(such as Martin Luther’s works, for example his Thesis against the Catholic church).

Why are there so few bible softwares out there for catholics? And the few that there are are priced within the $200-$500 range. Who can possibly afford such an expense? I am a regular joe with an average income and a big family to support. I can’t afford such a price tag.

I think catholics should start pressuring these companies to come up with the Protestant equivalent software in terms of price and features. Let them know that catholics are not rich or have money to throw around.

Sorry about the rant.
If you’re looking for a great bible study, Scott Hahn’s website www.salvationhistory.com is great! The site uses links to an on-line bible as well, you might check out what they use.
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