Impact of homosexual behaviour on health

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Hello there
Does anyone know of a book i can purchase which will give me reliable statistics about the effect of homosexual
behaviour on health?
I believe a good source would be the book ***Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth ** * by Dr. Jeffrey Satinover and published by Baker Book House
Health is also mental health… and so I would suggest that you visit the website for Courage… and NARTH… and PATH… can’t remember which ones are .com or .org…but these are great sites and will also help you to have compassion for those who are struggling with this affliction. Reparative Therapy is real…but it is not very welcome in the Homosexual Community…because it is too painful to look at the “root” of this affliction… much like any addiction… it requires a lot of work and a lot of prayer to arrive at a place where one is not going with the flow.

Yours for “LIFE” Granny D
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