Is marrige forever?

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Is marrige forever? And if so what about this situation: If my wife was to die (we were properly married in the Chruch) and I marry another woman (in the Church), when we are all dead, which one is my wife? :confused:
Jesus said in heaven we will neither marry nor be given in marriage. So, the answer is neither of your wives will be your wife in heaven.

This is a mystery, but I think it means that marriage here on earth is only meant to give us a glimpse of what the union of the Holy Trinity is like. In heaven, we will be united with God and everything we are supposed to learn about love and God from marriage will instead be learned directly from Love Himself.

I could be wrong though. I don’t have the direct pipeline to His mind or anything! Will there be marriage and new children in the “new heaven and new earth”? Don’t know! But I guess we’ll find out some day!
I would like to add to “Hidden Life’s” (not sure how to refer to people yet) response.

Indeed, Jesus described a heaven in which men and women do not marry. Yet there is still an understanding of marriage in the heavenly kingdom. We understand this marriage in describing the Church as the bride of Christ. The covenant between man and God is understood according to the same terms of fidelity and love that are present in the marriage covenant. The use of the marriage covenant is used throughout scripture (look to Song of Songs) to describe this covenant with God.

It is for this reason that in the Roman Catholic Church consecrated men and women take up the vow of celibacy. The vow is understood not to diminish the understanding of marriage, but rather to point to the greater spiritual reality of the marriage covenant with God.
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If you were a Mormon and you told your earthly wife (or wives!) your secret code name then she (they) would be able to find you in the afterlife and the two (or more) of you could make spirit babies for all eternity, while you rule your own planet. But if you don’t tell her (them) your secret code name then she (they) won’t be able to find you! Also, you will need to get your marriage made in the temple in Salt Lake or one of the other major shrines.

Chris C.
No, marriage does not pass into eternity. Notice the vows of a marriage ceremony: “Till death do us part” or “Until death” or what not. Married people grow in holiness, supporting eachother all their lives and usually raising a family. The Chatechism doesn’t specifically mention this, but it is highly suggested in the wording, as it repeatedly refers to marriage as something for life, not eternity. I reccomend reading the section in the Chatechism on marriage.
That is the beginning of the Chatechism’s section on marriage.
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Hey, dont forget that the Bible also says that if your wife dies it is better for you to remain a widower. Its not that remarrying is wrong, its just that not remarrying is the more holy choice.

I have often thought that if my wife died I would try to join a religious order. Now we have only been married for three months but who says you can’t plan ahead for a disaster.
This question is answered in the Bible, strangely. Marriage lasts until the death of one or both in the marriage. You can remarry if your spouse dies.
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