Is the Confiteor still said anywhere?

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Just wondering if there are any parishes left where the Confiteor is still said (the “I confess…” prayer), and if not, why has it disappeared? We’ve only said it 2 or 3 times in the past 5 or 6 years since we’ve been at this parish (Midwest, U.S.). In our travels within our diocese or elsewhere, we rarely hear it said either. I must say, I miss it. At our parish, the only mention of sin that occurs in the Penitential Rite is when the priest says, “May almighty God have mercy on us, forgive us our sins, and bring us to everlasting life.”. At the beginning of the ‘Penitential Rite’, we’re told to take a moment to welcome the Lord into our hearts. Then, the phrases that come before the “Lord, have mercy” are usually something like, “Lord, we know you love us…”, or “Lord, You were sent to teach us to love one another…”. What’s it like in your parishes?
When the priest chose that option recently, I told him that I thought it was a good thing.
The priest has the choice of three options for the penitential rite. Form A is the Confiteor, and Forms B and C use invocations with the Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy. In addition, instead of the penitential rite, they may choose to do the rite of blessing and sprinkling of holy water at any Sunday Mass.

At our weekday Masses, one of our priests generally uses the Confiteor, but at Sunday Mass uses one of the other forms. Our other priest will use the Confiteor at Sunday Mass, but generally not at the weekday Mass.
It gets said here about once a year. I asked our priest why we didn’t say it more often. He said it was too long. 😦
We say it fairly often, but if the priest wants to hurry the mass, we by pass it. We live in a tourist area and we do have some large masses, by our standards.

I teach CCD and I encourage our priest to use it because it helps the youth to understand better the purpose of Christ’s sufferings.
I hear it about once or twice a year. I wish it was said more often, it is a great prayer. I think many priests are too lazy, they choose one of the other options ( which is fine of course, to choose another option that is) in order to rush past the penitential rite. Some parishes fly past the penitential rite and then make the Gloria extra long, kind of like they don’t want to put emphasis on us being sinful. I remember at my old church when the pastor was on vacation a different priest said mass, he used the Confiteor and nobody at the Mass knew it!:nope:

They should definitly use it more! That’s probably why many people aren’t going to confession anymore, priests are ignoring the fact that we sin!
We say it every Mass, including daily mass!

Then we use the Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy etc.

I think it has something to do with the fact that we have a parish school and the priest wants to make sure that he is teaching the children correctly.
I hear it sometimes at daily mass and sometimes at Sunday mass, but not as often in my own parish. The danger of NEVER using the full Confiteor is that parishioners will forget how to say it. Kind of like many no longer being able to say the ordinary responses in Latin anymore.
We use it quite often! We go back and forth between the options though…

dream wanderer
Kind of like many no longer being able to say the ordinary responses in Latin anymore.
I consider that to be normal, since I’m a convert long after Vatican II - I never learned Latin in the first place. Tho I must say my dh is making a gallant effort to teach me!

In our parish, the priest thought it would be nice one Sat. nite to say the Angelus, as Mass was over just at 6 pm. Unfortunately, out of an almost full church, there were only about a 1/2 dozen of us who knew the responses. Even the priest was having trouble - he said the wrong prayer at the end. 😦
We always say it on the Sundays of Lent, and occasionally throughout the year, depending on the priest and his mood.

Since our new Bishop (Bishop Roger Foys) arrived, we have the Confiteor said in many Diocese of Covington churches at both Sunday and daily masses.
I recently moved from one parish to another. The new parish’s pastor is a former Lutheran (Missouri Synod) minister, now ordained in the RCC (married with three daughters, by the by).

We say the Confiteor every Sunday.
We are all good people. It is true we do not always appreciate the love God gives us. But, while we do make mistakes, occasionally, we don’t have to nail ourselves to a Cross for heaven’s sake (sarcasm off)
I would estimate we use the Confiteor about 20% of the time, probably higher during Lent. Unfortunately, Father omits the “simple” Kyrie Eleison that is supposed to follow it.
At mass yesterday, we said the confetior. In fact we have been using that form the last couple of weeks. The only thing , last week after the confetior, the organist jumped the gun leaving out the kyrie and going right to the Gloria. I guess we need to say it more often.

We only said it during Lent, and now we just say the Lord Have Mercy part.

I like it.

It makes us all admit out loud that we are sinners.

Love Kellie
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