Liturgical Pet Peeves

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  1. People chewing gum during Mass.
  2. People at Mass dressed for the beach.
  3. Strapless wedding & bridesmaid gowns.
  4. Loud talking when we’re all supposed to leave in silence during
    certain Holy Week services.
  5. Insipid “hymns.”
These are a few of my pet peeves–anyone else care to vent?
Irreverence when recieving Holy Communion.
Last week I seem a teenager literally pluck the host out of an EM’s hand and stuff it in his mouth when the EM held it up. :mad:
  1. Hand holding during the Our Father.
  2. Laity standing in the orans posture.
  3. When the priest asks people in the pews to shout out their own intentions (weekday mass). This drives me bonkers!
  4. The dreadful music ministry in my parish. You’d have to hear it to believe it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. 😃
  5. Priest changing the words of prayers, especially the Eucharistic Prayers. I think this more than anything annoys me. :mad:
  1. Priest changing the words of prayers, especially the Eucharistic Prayers. I think this more than anything annoys me.
They won’t obey the Holy Father, then they expect us to obey them! Why, when they have set the example of disobedience? I asked our priest that & he wouldn’t answer. I guess I ask hard questions - he won’t answer any of them! :rolleyes:
Fast_ed75 said:
4. Clown Masses

I’ve read about these things in the New Oxford Review, but I thought perhaps they might have been exaggerating a little. Evidently I was wrong. What an awful disgrace. What’s the matter with some of these bishops?!
Where is a bolt of lightning when you need one. 😉
Liturgical dancing, especially Kwanza liturgical dancing on the altar
Changing words (i.e., omitting references to Him)
Holding hands
Incessant chatter
Children on the altar
Children on the altar barking like dogs
Deacons using the pulpit to promote married or female priests
Beignning the Mass with a little “get to know you” introductory gladhanding session
Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny
Acting out the gospels
Women reading the Gospel
Interpreting every Bible reading as a social justice issue
  1. Loud babies.
  2. Priests who paraphrase Rush Limbaugh programs for their homilies instead of at least mentioning something from the readings.
  3. People who spend most of their time at Mass finding fault with everything they can, then complain loudly to everyone except the priest and Bishop and Holy See.
Bad Hymns
Cell phones and pagers going off during Mass
Greeting your pew mates at the beginning of Mass
“Feel Good” homilies
No sign of reverence at the incarnation during the creed
Holding hands during the Pater Noster
Laity in the Orans position
Armies of EMHC’s that show little/no reverence (in action and/or dress)
Alter servers who don’t pay attention
That lady who exclaimed “Lord, I AM WORTHY to receive you!” just before the celebrant took communion.
Fast_ed75 said:

Unless you are the owner of, or have permission from them, you are stealing bandwidth by posting their picture in the way that you did. Everytime someone loads this forum page, it uses some of that site’s bandwith and can be considered theft.

As an alternative, a link to their site would not be considered theft, and would also let us check to see if the photo is indeed what it seems to be.

I apologize in advance if you are the owner of the photo and the site.
How about…

Eucharistic ministers (ordained or not) changing the words of Communion to “Brother, this is the Bread of Jesus for You” or other bizzare forms. Am I even supposed to say “Amen” to that???

Announcements made by parishoners that go on for 10 minutes between the post-communion prayer and the dismissal.

Cantors who don’t sing well (even though they try hard!). And then there are the ones who sing well, but didn’t bother to look at the music beforehand (like the guy who sang the Exultet at the Easter Vigil I went to this year, and basically improvised the parts of the melody he didn’t know).

And then there was my sister’s former parish, where the Easter Vigil featured black lights in the choir loft, with glow-in-the-dark liturgical dancers set to a tribal drum beat!
Holding hands during the Pater Noster
I totally agree with you. This has really taken hold in my parish and I am often “forced” to hold a person’s hand when reciting it (out of generosity to my neighbor thrusting their hand at me). I find it more a distraction and disrespectful, especially in such a monumentous prayer!

I thought the clowns were bad, but this dancing is pretty shameful. Some of the other images on the church’s website almost border on erotic IMHO. :mad: :tsktsk: :nope: :banghead: :bigyikes:
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