Los Lonley Boys

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Not a bad song either, lots of little statues of angels and saints in their video. 👍
I actually think that Los Lonely Boys are one of the better musical groups to come out in years. Their music is new, original, and inspiring.
“Heaven” won song of the year at the Austin Music Festival. If you know the music scene, then you know that’s no small feat.

For more, see their official website: loslonelyboys.org/

– Austin, Live Music Capital of the WORLD! 😃
Maybe there is a little hope for secular media. 😃 I hear them all of the time all over the radio here in Omaha. Just keep praying!!
Thank you so much. I don’t really listen to new music very often, and I know I would have never run across that on my own. I really liked the song.
Love Los Lonley’s, they have a sound which has a mix of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Santana and Tex-Mex! No sex and trash in their lyrics. Just good ole rock and roll Raza style! :cool:
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