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I got a free copy of a small magazine call Magnificat. Priests for Life sent it to me. It is a daily prayer bood with the order of the mass. I have been saying the prayers everyday and think it is excellent.

It is very orthodox. Kind of like a Liturgy of the Hours.

Anyway, check it out. I think some people might spiritually profit by it.
I have subscribed for the past 3 1/2 years. It has been an amazing blessing to me. Most days it is the first and last thing I read.

They also have a children’s version called Magnifikid, available at the same web-site. It’s small, affordable, colorful and easy to follow. It also has fun things like puzzles and explanations of the “grown-up” words that come up during the Liturgy. My 9 year old really likes it and I’m thinking about getting a subscription for other young relatives.
We love Magnificat. It is the first part of our day, we read Morning Prayer and then the Mass readings and meditation. I take my copy to Mass and then also use it for Evening Prayers. Have made it the main part of my daily prayer for 2+ years. We have given many gift subscritions to family and friends, it is a great prayer companion.
This magazine has been a life saver for me. Even during times where my prayer life has seemed dry and routine, the Magnificat gives me new things to think of and makes me smile.

I especially have profited from the Lenten meditations, even though they target non-subsribers. They are just wonderful.
I love that little ‘magazine’ (hardly seems right to call it thus), but the price is a little high (worth every penny, but sometimes pennies are hard to come by). The meditations are terrific! Some of those have led me to search out the author and read more. I wasn’t aware of the Magnifikid…sounds wonderful!
**This is an excellent little book…My local Catholic bookstore has been carrying it for some time now. **
I truly enjoy the meditations. I often make copies and give them to the people at work. It is a great apologetics tool because often the meditations concern subjects such as suffering, sacrafice, and letting go of worldliness that some of our protestant brothers and sisters do not seem to understand. Who better than the saints or great writers of the church to make the lightbulb go off in their heads.

You have encouraged me to get a copy…I haven’t done so for a while, because I have been reading the daily readings from my missal…Thanks.
I agree, Chad, and I do the same: sharing the meditations with others. They are often so profound, yet concise.
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