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The best way to put end an End to Abortion is through Prayer.

Please state…

1. The Prayers You Will Promise to Make for the intention of ENDING ABORTION (rosary, decate, informal prayer, novena, etc.)

2. Where You Will Say the Prayers (church, adoration, home, car, local abortion clinic etc)?

3. When Will You Promise to have the Prayers Finished (date)?

Let’s get 100 posts on here before Saturday, June 18th - The Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!!

I will begin…

I promise to say a rosary at our Adoration Chapel at Church by the end of the day Friday. LET’S KEEP IT GOING!
Within the next week I will say one Rosary for an end to abortion. I can usually make adoration of a half-hour or so on Wednesdays, so I will dedicate my next attendance there for this intention.
I will pray the rosary (joyful mysteries) tonight during Adoration for an end to abortion.
I too will pray a rosary tomorrow night for the end of abortion. 👍

I will pray for the end of abortion during every daily rosary, every Mass, every Chaplet of Divine Mercy, every litany, and every private prayer I make. Where? Sometimes at home, sometimes at Church, and sometimes…anywhere I happen to be when the urge to pray strikes me!

I won’t stop so there’s no “end date” to these prayers.
Just a suggestion along these lines. When my husband was sick with cancer several years ago, our parish friends started an Inersession at Intersections prayer response. People were asked to “adopt” a specific intersection they crossed frequently and to say a quick prayer for my husband each time they did so. We were given a large map of our city and everyone sent us cards telling us what intersection was adopted. We put small heart stickers to note each prayer intersection. Those were powerful prayers. My husband is fine now - his doctor even uses the word “cured” and not in remission.

Anyway, point of story. Why not adopt a specific intersection that you will specifically say a prayer to end abortion and for comfort and peace to those who have suffered from the effects of abortion?

I too will pray a rosary tomorrow night for the end of abortion. 👍

The Barrister:
I will fast tomorrow and say a rosary.
I was planning a fast for tomorrow as well. I will also dedicate that to this intention.
Thanks to everyone who has replied so far!! Let’s keep it going.

If you do not have time for an entire rosary, we will take a Hail Mary or Our Father. Everything will help!
Hmm…an Our Father, A Hail Mary, and a Glory Be every hour? Well, every hour from 12 to 9 p.m. Now, I pray that I remember to do that every day, heheh…
Great idea! We pray the rosary each morning and include this in our intentions!!

Let’s end Abortion!!
I will have this done by the end of the 18th. Thanks for the suggestion.
Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Tomorrow afternoon (June 19th, Saturday) in adoration.
I haven’t been able to post my pledge until now, but I said my afternoon rosary yesterday and the day before for this, as well as the chaplet of divine mercy today.
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