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hello all!!!
first post, so bear w/ me…
i wonder why the new doc on the liturgy is not being implemented at my parish…it seems to be a pick and choose approach to what will and will not be implemented even from the new girm…my question is, being someone who wants to see the liturgy and devotional life of my parish be orthodox, something to inspire the holiness of all, and something to increase our zeal for the Lord, how can we go about trying to help ensure all is copasetic???i have had poor catechesis, and only in the last 5 years have i really come back to faith and have been trying to re-catechize myself in spare moments b/w work and home duties…i feel totally unprepared, but i see day in and day out the little and sometimes big abuses to the liturgy and neglect of devotions proper to the holiness of the community…as a second question, hearing that the decision to admit or deny someone Communion based on political views encourages me…however, in my own diocese, i’ve heard that a priest i know is already writing a negative column about this, b/c our ArchBishop has denied Communion to non-obedient Catholic politicians…again, how can i (in love) do something to help w/ this???
God bless Catholic Answers and EWTN!!!
I would start by reading the GIRM or at the very least the sections contained on the Catholic Answers website. If it appears that your parish is not implementing some of the changes, then you should certainly ask your pastor what the reasoning is. Have they just not gotten around to it (they really should have done this long ago), or do they not plan on changing?

If, after approaching him, he indicates no changes will be made, I suggest you write him a charitable letter making reference to the exact section of the GIRM that have not been implemented. If he still refuses, you should send the letter (with a copy to the pastor) to your bishop. If your Archbishop is denying communion to errant politicians, there is a good chance he will act on your letter. If the Archbishop refuses to act, then send your record of correspondence to the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments.

Whatever you do, make sure you understand the issues and read what the Church says. Above all, pray and act charitably!

God bless you!
Jimmy Akin’s “Mass Confusion” has a chapter on very practical steps to follow on addressing abuse. Basically you follow chain of command. Priest, bishop, nuncio.
Don’t be too concerned- My diocese has not even began to implement the new guidelines (notwithstanding the Bishop is the president of the US Bishop Conference). Even in the Cathedral, water goblets are used for the precious blood. I think there is much hostility to the document here- especially the requirement that the wine is to be poured during the presentation of the gifts- This prevents the busybodies running up to the altar at the lamb of god and pouring the precious blood themselves.
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