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Just watched the first DVD of the Gospel of John that I got from Sam’s club. It’s a new version and you can visit the website

Has anyone seen this? So far it’s excellent but I am unsure (being pretty much ignorant to Biblical knowledge, although I am learning much here). Not sure which stand it takes either protestant or Catholic? Or neither.

any thoughts?
I saw it as well and I thought it was very well done. It wasn’t a Catholic production, but it treats the Catholic elements (ie. the Last Supper) very well. It follows the text of the bible word for word which had to be extremely difficult to do, but again, they did an excellent job.

The only problem I had was that they used the ‘Good News’ translation of the bible which is probably one of the weakest versions, but all in all, a must see!
Thank you! And I have to admit although I loved the “Passion” (movie), I thought this portrayal of Jesus was great. The actor looked more like what I envisioned him to look like.
Yeah, the Passion was great to show us what Jesus went through in his last hours, but The Gospel of John is a great movie to show the life of Jesus.
While the movie had its moments the John 6 discourse and the exchange between Jesus and Peter in the feed my sheep do you love me exchange at the end of the book and movie.
But the production value was at times cheesy lots of the characters loked fake fake beards lots of dark makeup to make people look semetic. A lot of the actors just were not that Good and another Jesus speaking in an Englsih accent. Why or WHy is Jesus always speaking in a wimpy Englsih. ITs movies like these that make the Passion stand out even more. I understand the yearning for a more complete story of Jesus but Jesus of Nazareth still blows away this movie movie on that front is a more complete story and better presented with higher production values and better actors although that Jesus does and English accent problem as well.
The theology advisors on this movie were all protestants but since John was written by a catholic 🙂 you can’t hide the Catholicism in it. I know many don’t like the GNT but I liked it in this movie as it very easy to understand an goes well with a visual medium directed at a contemporary audience and not a Bible study group. I use it myself for devotional reading you can get a whole of reading and comprehension in short period of time. For serious Bible I use the Douay Rhemis and RSVCE but at a much slower pace as those are much older versions with antiquated English even if the RSVCE is not that much older than the GNT its kind like comparing movies made in the 1940’s and know you understand what is going on but notice a huge difference in how people speak then as opposed to know. With the GNT you don’t get bogged down with older and technical language when your just trying to get the meaning of the story and not analyzing individual words.
“I tell you the truth”, I thought it was pretty good, although that translation of “amen I say to you” got on my nerves a little. 🙂
John W. said:
“I tell you the truth”, I thought it was pretty good, although that translation of “amen I say to you” got on my nerves a little. 🙂

I agree. But overrall not too bad to watch. And as one who is refreshing her knowledge of Jesus and what he said, I was merely hanging onto everyword vs. worried about the costumes or imagery.
I saw it in the movies a few months ago. I thought it was great. I especially liked when Jesus appeared in the upper room on Easter Sunday night. There was no miraculous light or angel choirs singing. He just appeared and I thought it really brought home the miraculous in a subdued kind of way. He was really THERE.
I did think it was strange having Mary Magdalene at the last supper. I was wondering about the director’s thoughts. Was this a case of inclusive “language”? But it also made me think that in the Greek Orthodox church, isn’t she known as “equal to the apostles” because she brought the first news of Christ’s resurrection?

Interesting take on the movie. I’ve never seen it before, but I’m looking into it. I remember seeing a paid progam about it around the time The Passion of the Christ was about to be released…I’d love to see a more “Catholic” version though judging by the posts here. How long is the movie? If it’s word for word from their translation of St. John’s Gospel, then it’s going to be pretty long.
I saw it in the movies and I believe it was almost exactly 3 hours long. It was a good movie and it didn’t seem that long.

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