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Okay…As I was channel surfing last evening, I came across a station with a statute of Mary holding a Baby. It turned out to be a 7th Day Adventist program. A man was saying that this is a “pagan statue” that existed hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus and the Church brought this statute into the Church to attract pagans. I have 2 questions: What is the proper response to garbage like that? and How can they get away with this on public television?

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What is the proper response to garbage like that?
While it is true that the commentator was trying to score points in his argument that such a statue proves Catholicism is pagan, it may also be true that this statue did exist before the time of Christ and was rededicated by the Church to the honor of Mary and the child Jesus. The question to the commentator becomes: So what? What is wrong with taking an ancient piece of statuary that is a beautiful piece of artwork depicting a mother and child and rededicating it to the honor of the child Jesus and his Virgin Mother?

If this commentator found a lovely piece of artwork at an estate sale, or at a dump for that matter; fixed it up; and hung it over his mantle for the inspiration and enjoyment of his family; would he be wrong for converting a nice piece of art from whatever its original purpose was to its new purpose of beautifying his home?

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How can they get away with this on public television?
Because the producers arrange for it to be shown on television and because their speech and religious expression are protected liberties under our form of government. We can only hope for their sake that they are innocently unaware that their anti-Catholicism is wrong, and pray that they will one day be enlightened by God’s grace. Such incomplete and misleading statements are frustrating to be sure, but should encourage us to more deeply study our faith so that we might share it with those who disseminate the programs and with those are misled by such claims.
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