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I know this is not an Apologetics question per se but I need to ask. As a former Anglican (Reformed Episcopal Church) now a Catholic , is it ok for me to use The Book of Common Prayer (either the 1928 BCP and/or the 1979 American BCP) for daily morning and evening prayer? I looked into the Catholic “Daily Prayer” Breviary and it is to say the least not very “user friendly” the BCP system is more user friendly and has a Lectionary in it for daily Psalm and Scripture reading at morning and evening prayer, plus both of these BCPs have the complete Psalter in them. Thank You for your time. In Christ, jurist12
There is now a Catholic edition of the Book of Common Prayer, specifically published for those of the Anglican tradition. It is called THE BOOK OF DIVINE WORSHIP and includes the daily offices and the Mass. Go here for more information. At the same site, you will see other Anglican Use links that I hope will be helpful.
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