Preparation of the Altar

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I am in Texas working with a client. In attending the local Catholic Church for daily and Sunday Mass I noticed that the wood altar was not covered by an altar cloth. Is this kosher? Also during the presentation of the gifts a member of the congregation comes up to the altar and places the corporal cloth on the altar. I have never seen either of these situations before and I have attended Mass in many, many Parishes (here in the US and overseas). Thanks
I live in Galveston-Houston Diocese and my priest told me just last week that the altar must be covered with a white altar cloth.
“Is this kosher?”

😃 Surely you mean “is this Catholic”.

"Kosher 1 a : sanctioned by Jewish law; especially ritually fit for use " Webster (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Now to answer your question

Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite says in Chapter I

“62. At least one altar cloth must be provided for Mass.24 This cloth should not be confused with a colored antependium. In the Western tradition, it is white or some similar color. Adornment may be added to it according to local custom and culture. An undercloth may be useful. A plastic or waxed undercloth is necessary on a recently dedicated altar where much Chrism has been used. The altar cloth may be removed after Mass, but the stripped altar is a distinct sign best reserved for Good Friday. It is more convenient to cover the altar cloth with a simple dust cover, to keep it clean at all times.”
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