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Is there any prescribed attire for Priests when they celebrate mass? I am referring to the clothes they wear under their vestments?
Is there any prescribed attire for Priests when they celebrate mass? I am referring to the clothes they wear under their vestments?
I’ve personally never seen a priest begin to vest for mass in anything other than his clergy shirt usually short sleeve, or roman collared dickey, black pants and black shoes or sandals. Years ago our pastor routinely wore a cassock. I expect under the cassock he wore an undershirt and black slacks if memory serves. The cassock remained on under the mass vestments. This first item that goes over the ‘clergy clothes or cassock’ is a sort of thin white robe that has long sleeves It has a name, but I can’t remember it. Then the stole is placed around the neck and hangs down both sides of the chest. Then the stole is tied in place using a sort of stylized rope called a cincture which the priest ties about his waist. The stole is the first liturgical vestment that represents the color of the day/season. Over the stole the priest puts on the chasuble which is his outer garment for mass. The chasuble is the shape of a cape, but is closed all round except for the hole the priest’s head fits through. Some chasubles have zippers extending left or right away from the head hole toward the shoulder for ease of entry. In profile view the priest’s thin robe is visible. I believe it is always white.

Hope this helps…
Hi: Yes. Clerical garb. I recently attended a mass where an older priest put on a cassock under the alb. Not seen that in a long time.
Alb. Thats it. The white robe is an alb. Thanks. So here’s the order:

Clergy shirt and slacks or Cassock
Add to these priestly vestments:

Clergy shirt (with Roman Collar)/ slacks or cassock

Alb - worn to the top of the shoe, not shin high - (must be worn)

Cincure - must be used unless alb has its own built in belt.
(this is to symbolize that the priest is girded in chastity)

Stole - is a symbol of the office of a bishop, priest or deacon (is definitely a must)

Chasuble - it represents putting on the charity of Christ that “covers all things.” (Colossians 3:14) There are exceptions for wearing the Chasuble, but in normal situations it must be worn by the main celebrant. A concelebrating priest may just wear the alb and the stole.

**Then there is the Amice. It is worn aroung the priest’s shoulders and covers his street clothes, the Roman Collar. If his alb is such that his collar is covered, he need not wear the amice.

The vesting of the priest is really a beautiful thing. I heard one priest refer to it as putting on the, “Helmet of Salvation.” There are also vesting prayers that use to be required but no longer are. I’m sure many priests still use them with much value. Also, before the priest puts on the stole, he kisses it on the cross embroidered in the middle that rests on the back of his neck and asks God to give him on the last day the ‘garment of immortality’ that was forfeited by our sinful first parents.

There is an elderly priest I know who wears the Biretta during the Mass. It is a black (for priests) square shaped hat with 3 raised wings. It was really a funny thing, he was always taking this hat off and on his head and I couldn’t understand why he couldn’t leave his hat alone. Then I realized that every time he took it off he was giving reverence to the name of Jesus which had just been spoken. (he could really get a workout if the homilist said the Name of Jesus a lot! 😃 This hat may only be worn during the readings, the psalms and the homily but not during the reading of the gospel or at the altar.
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