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We are having a child baptized this Sunday and it got me wondering about what sort of traditions some of y’all have done in regards to a baptism…

What gift did you present to the priest or church?

What gift or appreciation did you present to the godparents?

Was there a special something you served or did at a gathering following the baptism?

What was your special token to your newly baptized child?

Thanks for anyone who will answer my questions 😃
I don’t think we did anything out of the ordinary on the day of our three boy’s Baptism. What we did do is hang on to their baptismal candle used during the rite. Every year (my oldest is 16, the youngest is 9), we treat their baptism day like a birthday, with a small cake and gift, and the lighting of their candle. We make sure we preserve the religious significance of it by saying a prayer of thanksgiving for the occasion. The boys have always loved it and I think it preserves it as a special day.
For the baptism of our first child, we didn’t give gifts to the priest or parish, or the godparents. Then again, my wife is the oldest of 11 and from a family that has always had to pinch pennies. Gifts on occasions like that were superfluous to them.
The Godparents of our newest baptized blessing provided us with a little keepsake bottle for putting in some of the holy water that was used during the baptism. We plan to use it to bless her in the future on her birthdays and/or other special occasions. I loved this idea and wish we would have done it with our older four as well.

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