Religious medals needed + Catholic books in Spanish

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My Catholic prayer group is needing the following:
  1. Bulk quantities of medals of Pope St. Pius X, St. John Vianney, St. Peter Julian Eymard…the 40 cent each kind.
  2. Church History book in Spanish for Isabella, 'cause she can’t read English. Any apologetic book in Spanish.
Please help!!!
Have you tried the Catholic store?

1.) Bulk quantities of medals

I didn’t see any listings for bulk quantities of medals, though I’m sure there’s places around that sell them that way. Have you tried contacting retreat centers or any Catholic stores in your area that sell those? They could let you know who THEIR supplier is. :o
2.) books and materials in Spanish*

this page lists some books in Spanish,

including (among other books) the Catechism of the Catholic Church in Spanish =
**Catecismo De La Iglesia Catolica ** - Spanish Language Catechism

and the perennial My Daily Bread, in Spanish
El Pan de Cada Dia

(Does the artwork on the cover of this book look familiar? I don’t think they’ve ever changed it since it was first published. 😛 This book is one of those things that when someone asks you if you know that you’re Catholic you whip out your copy of My Daily Bread… tee hee! 😛 )

and the Condensed History of the Bible, in Spanish

Not to mention
Los Siete Sacramentos
(Spanish Language Book On 7 Sacraments)

Detailed Description
ATRAVES de la gracia de los sacramentos Dios vive en nuestra familia. El Padre Celestial es Nuestro Padre. Jesus es nuestro Hermano. El Espiritu Santo es nuestra Vida. Maria es Nuestra Madre.

Los siete sacramentos no dan:
  1. La VIDA de Dios en el Bautismo;
  2. La FORTALEZA de Dios en la Confirmacion;
  3. ALIMENTO para nuestras almas en la Sagrada Eucaristia;
  4. PERDON ara nuestros pecados en la Penitencia;
  5. SALUD Y BIENESTAR en la Uncion de los Enfermos;
  6. SACERDOTES en las Ordenes Sagradas.
  7. NUESTRA FAMILIA en el Matrimonio.

What’s really helpful about this site is that it lets you search by price ranges.

There’s also Spanish-language videotapes, including the cartoon kind, on their Gift pages. Nothing like a good cartoon telling the story of a saint to help you with apologetics! I watch those on EWTN sometimes on Saturday.

I figure they’ll be happy to respond by e-mail or phone if you give them a call.

Also, the descriptions of the books in Spanish are in Spanish, too. Perhaps your friend might want to read those descriptions in Spanish and let you know which of those books are the kind that she has in mind?


They have two stores in Colorado. One of them has an 800 number:

Two blocks north of Hampden Blvd. (Hwy 285) on Broadway, at the North-East corner of Girard and Broadway.

Monday thru Friday 10:00 - 6:00, Saturday 10:00-5:00.
Phone: 1-800-776-4569

Hope this helps?
I too am searching for medals for St. Peter Julian Eymard. Anyone who has info on these can you private message me. Thanks. God Bless. 🙂
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