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I recently received this email from a Baptist friend regarding his thoughts on Revelations:

"The book of Daniel (prophet) is so mathematically precise (read about the 70 weeks), it is impossible to view it as symbolism. In the book of Daniel it speaks of the End times which are similar to what is in the book of Rev. Therefore I think I’ve determined that most of the book of Rev is not written in symbolism as Catholics believe. Catholics have good reason to want the book of Rev to be in symbolism as it turns out and here’s why.
Rev 16-18. It speaks of the prostitute that sits on the beast. The Harlot is a city and rides a political beast and is described in many ways: ** ****has a Christian religious heritage; is waxed exceedingly rich; has the blood of Saints and Martyrs on her hands; has tremendous religious influence throughout the world; is clothed in purple and scarlet; is located near the Mediterranean Sea; is full of abominations, primarily idols; is heavily adorned with gold and jewels; is primarily represented by a woman instead of Jesus Christ; is carrying a golden chalice, significant to her identity; influences world political leaders because of her religious power; sits on seven mountains or hills. **
** **I tried to make this Islam oriented, but when I got to #12, I ran a search at google for 7 hills of Rome. Guess what dominates the first page? Seven hills of Rome topics. Rome is built on 7 hills. Each one seems to have a name. I think this is far more than a coincidence and is clearly not symbolism.

** **So in reading Rev 16-17 we read that Rome will commit political blasphemy by coming to an agreement with the antichrist. Rome itself will crash and burn from a major earthquake that will split the city into 3 parts. All the islands off of Rome will sink and the entire city will burn. All of this will happen within 1 hour.

** **What about Catholics? The bible indicates that people should leave the Catholic church so that they do not suffer the wrath of plagues that is to come upon it. (I’m assuming only Roman Catholics in Rome should worry about this one). The bible does describe those who worship as Catholics as ‘my children’ (or something like that), so there’s doesn’t seem to be a question of salvation."

How can I intelligently and compassionately respond?
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