"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" sung in church?

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My husband and I attended a funeral Mass this morning and
were shocked that just before the Mass began, a man stepped
up to the microphone and said “This was Mike’s favorite song”, and then sang the song “Over The Rainbow”. I noticed in the
program they had listed the song to be sung during the Sign Of
Peace. I imagine the priest had informed them that it was not
appropriate to be sung during the liturgy itself and had them
change it to singing it before the Mass began. I have never seen
anything like this before. Has anyone one else had a similiar
I’ve seen it done before the mass started or once it was over but never during.
Yes. Despite the often pathetic nature of these amateur exhibitions, provided this sort of nonsense takes place outside of the mass, one needs only be embarrassed for the poor sod who’s performing, but not outraged. Too bad your preparatory prayers were spoiled.
Canon 23982:

“It is permissible to sing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ before a funeral Mass, but only if Judy Garland does the singing live.”
More and more secular music & poems etc are creeping into our requiem masses - before in the middle of and after. I think it is sad they as Catholics we are failing to appreciate the beauty and meaning of the requiem mass - no longer are we focussing on praying for the soul of our departed loved ones but instead imitating secular funerals which give thanks and glorifiy the life of the deceased. :blessyou:for your concern. Perhaps if we discuss it more and teh true Catholic position will be understood.
Some of the things I read here and on some of the tradition Mass websites makes me want to believe that instead of participating in Mass, parishes participated in a play called “One Flew Over The Coo Coo’s Nest.”
Not being familiar with Catholic funeral masses, nor with their rubrics, I do not know if singing such a song falls within them. If it doesn’t then it is clear cut. It would be more fitting at a memorial service of some sort.

If, on the other hand, this is permissable, I see only that it comes down to individual preference (this song might not be your or my favorite choice) and the agreement of the next of kin/close family members of the deceased - provided of course that the song isn’t anti-Christian!

Singing the favorite song of the deceased may be in some way very helpful to those close to him or her. It may also be intended to honor them and their memory - as opposed to glorifying them - and not as a replacement for but in addition to the standard observances and formal purposes of the Mass.

I believe this is a bit like the issue of God creating the Sabbath for man and not us for the Sabbath: We could be in danger of reducing all Masses, be they funeral or otherwise down to their rules, and forgetting the reasons for the rules in the first place.
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