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Thanks be to the Lord and St. Anthony! My son thought his cell phone was lost forever, but after many fervent prayers to St. Anthony, it was found in a most unusual place.
By the way, how did St. Anthony get to be in charge of Heaven’s Lost and Found, anyway?
The value of St. Anthony’s aid was proved to me several years ago. It was during the Christmas season, and I had been saving for months to buy gifts for loved ones. My roommate and I were about to leave the house to go shopping, but I couldn’t find my wallet, and it had all my Christmas shopping money in it. All of a sudden, I realised I had left it on the dashboard of the car, so I went outside to retrieve it. Unfortunately, when I got to the car, I could see that the wallet was gone. The car was locked, and hadn’t been broken into, but after a long and fruitless search, I could see that the wallet was missing. I went back in the house to break the bad news to my roommate, but before I could say a word, he said, “Go back and look again.” I told him it was useless, but he said calmly and slowly, “Go back and look again.” When I went back to the car, I could see from the curb that my wallet was on the dashboard right where I’d left it. I had locked the car before I went into the house, so there was no way anyone could have run up and returned it to the car. I was overjoyed and asked my roommate how he knew it would be there. He said, “Simple. I prayed to St. Anthony and told him how long you’d been saving and how important this was. He lifted the veil and allowed you to see the wallet, which must have been there the whole time.” This was amazing to me. It also showed me that sometimes(maybe most times), our lost items aren’t really lost at all. They are being hidden from us, and St. Anthony’s power brings them back into our sight. He is truly a wonderful saint.
That is so true. A few weeks ago my 6-year-old nephew lost his glasses on a field trip. He took them off in order to take of his sweatshirt and forget to put them back on (you know how little kids are). They had remained missing for several days. I told to ask St. Anthony to help him find them. A couple days later they were found – on the school bus. He works in amazing ways.
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I can only vaguely remember the story but I think that St. Anthony had a notebook(or whatever they called it in those days) of his meditations that he used for his homilies. The book was stolen by a disgruntled semanarian. St. Anthony prayed and prayed for it’s return and then he got it back. Thus becoming the patron saint of those of us, who at times are helplessly disorganized.:o
I love the way St. Anthony described himself as he prayed for the return of his book. He basically told God that he was like a small child who wanted his toy back. It really wouldn’t make much difference as far as eternity goes, but he would like it back.

The monk who had absconded with the book had a change of heart on the road he was following away from the monastery, turned around and returned the book.

People of the surrounding area heard about St. Anthony and his book and came by the droves to have him pray for them to find their lost “toys” as well.

A great source of these stories are the Vision Books and Windeatt saints series. I was poorly catechized, and find that as I know more about the lives of the saints, it is easier to ask them to intercede for me and my family.

They are easy reads written for upper elementary and older children, but I read them as an adult!
I was named after him, he helped my find my hat and sun glasses yeterday. It was under my stack of newspapers dedicated to Reagan and I looked everywhere!
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