The art of choosing a good husband or wife

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there is a book by steve wood on the art of choosing a good husband or a good wife. what is the appropriate age for children or teenagers to read this book?

Unfortunately I haven’t read the books, but since nobody else has answered, I’ll suggest that based on Steve’s reputation and radio show, there should be no problem with allowing any teenager to read the book.

I can’t imagine that anything in his book would scandalize even an immature teenager. If they’re old enough to date, they should be old enough to read his books.
don’t make something simple and easy to be complicated and no fun…

date… i mean just DATE… no long term one person only relationships… no sex, nothing below the neck… get to know the person… allow time for mother nature and God to sift through the canidates…

relax, and trust yourself, and the Lord above… above all respect the other person…

and remember, there are worst things then being single… 👍
I don’t know the book but I would say the appropriate age would be the same age as the appropriate age to begin dating.

The goal of dating should be to find a marriage partner. Dating just to date someone could be dangerous. I always dated someone until I could rule them out as a potential marriage partner.
Best advice I ever heard is for a man or woman to quit trying to find a Ms or Mr. Right for him/her-self, and learn to be another person’s Mr./Ms Right.

One I made up myself is for a girl to always act like a lady and treat the guy like a gentleman, and to only go out with a guy who acts like a gentleman and treats her like a lady. (Reverse for guys.)

I have the book on choosing a good husband. I bought it for my daughters. It is excellent, I read the whole book intending to give it to the girls after but it was so good that we are going through it together as a family. Great discussions are possible through each chapter.

I would say the age to read this is 13 but I wouldn’t just give the book and say here read this. It is something that you should do together.

God Bless
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